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Top 10 Best Portable DVD Player, You Shouldn’t Miss

Top 10 Best Portable DVD Player, You Shouldn’t Miss

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Simple, convenient, fast are a lifestyle of people pursuing, in this way, we can relax from stressful pace of life. So now Mobile phones are getting thinner, more and more handheld devices are compact with more feature, and the operation is more convenient than before. People who like to travel prefer to take them for playing and enjoying movies or videos. Like people prefor to take DVD players to play DVD movies, which have become an inexpensive way of watching movies on the go. Unlike computers and laptops, they are more convenient and smaller, lighter, and provide considerably more battery life. It is evident that portable DVD players have gone a long way in easing the more ordinary features of being mobile. Here is a look of the Top 10 Best Portable DVD Player you should take into consideration. 

Firstly, let’s come to understand the 10 est Portable DVD Player 

1. Sony DVP-FX750 

Watch movies, view photos, and listen to music anytime, anyplace with the DVP-FX750 portable DVD player in black. Ideal for road trips, plane rides, or the daily commute, this stylish player features a vibrant 7-inch screen and up to 3 hours of battery life. And when you want more than movies, you can view at personal photo albums or play CDs and MP3s. Share entertainment with a friend via two built-in headphone jacks. An included car adapter ensures you’ll be ready to go no matter how long the road trip while the A/V adapter makes it easy to connect to a TV. 

2. Panasonic DMP-B200 

High-definition content looks so good that we can barely leave our house without taking it with us. There are various ways of doing this – iPads, personal media players and laptops – but one of the more unusual ways is a portable Blu-ray player like the Panasonic DMP-B200. It sports an 8.9in 16:9 screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, and like previous Panasonic portables the ‘Free Style Viewing’ feature allows you to move the screen into a comfortable viewing position. You can flip up the screen from its closed position (like a laptop) and unclip it from the hinge, which then allows you to tilt it or bring it down to rest almost flat on the bottom section, with little wheels letting you to slide it back and forth. This flexibility will in handy in the car, when manoeuvrability is more of a problem. 

3. Sony DVP-FX930 

Sony DVP-FX930 offers a 9-inch swivel screen and light-touch buttons with 800×480 resolution. The DVP-FX930 has a smooth plastic housing that Sony sells in a variety of colors–the one we tested was accented in dark blue. The screen can flip a complete 180 degrees and fold back on itself to be held in your hands. It is reliable 6-hour battery. 

4. Verezano PDVD-12309C 

Verezano PDVD-12309C is 9″ Wide LCD Swivel Screen with 480 x 234 Resolution. And it supports built-in stereo sperakers and headphone output jack. And it can support multiple language subtitle & OSD, it can paly Plays DVD/DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW, CD/CD-R/CD-RW, VCD, SVCD, and Audio CD. And it battery is an built-in lithium battery. 

5. Toshiba SDP93S 

Toshiba SDP93S comes with 9-inch LCD screen that offers good quality videos, a battery life rated at five hours, plays DIVX files, has a slot for an SD card and it withstands shaking and run-ins. Toshiba SDP93S overall feature set which includes built-in speakers, explains why it is considered as one of the best portable DVD players out there. But its DVD operation is slightly noisy, and memory card is SD only. While we don’t use it all the time, it’s been a winner on our various trips. If you’re looking for a DivX capable portable DVD, I highly recommend the Toshiba. 

6. Sylvania SDVD1030 10 

Watch your favorite movies on the go with the Sylvania SDVD1030 10 Portable DVD Player. The portable DVD player plays back DVDs, CDs as well JPEGs and MP3 files. Its compact size lets you place it in your vehicle and view movies whilst you drive. You can also play music and view photos on this 10″ TFT LCD DVD player with speakers. The swivel screen lets you change the angle to suit to your requirement and you can view it from your place of comfort. It comes with 10″ TFT LCD swivel screen that delivers sharp and crisp images in high quality. It supports playback DVD+/-R/RW, CD+/-R/RW, JPEG and MP3 formates. And its Batteries is 1 Lithium ion batteries required. But there is no Digital Tuner and Progressive Scan. 

7. Audiovox DS7321PK 

Watch your favorite movies on the go with the Audiovox 7″ Swivel Portable DVD Player with Mount Kit! The 7-inch TFT display, rotates 270 Degrees for comfortable viewing anywhere. The Internal rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy two full hours of playback time. Plus this portable DVD player has a 16:9 aspect ratio so you have a full screen viewing experience. This Audiovox portable DVD player comes with built-in stereo speakers, two folding headphones, A/V Output, headphone splitter, and a carry bag. However, I would like to see 2 hours battery life added to it. 

8. Philips PET7402A 

Double you re viewing experience with the 7-inch Philips PET7402A Widescreen Portable DVD Player! With an additional 7-inch TFT LCD display, you and your family can enjoy endless hours of movies while on the road! The PET7402A/37 supports DVD, DVD R, DVD RW, (S)VCD, MP3-CD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and JPEG files. Each unit features a headphone jack so you can listen in private! Plus, the built-in stereo speakers provide crisp and clear audio for your movies and music. The included car adapter enables you to enjoy entertainment in your car or RV. Use the included A/V cable to connect it to a big screen HDTV. Watch movies, play music and view photos with the 7-inch Philips PET7402A Widescreen Portable DVD Player! Order today! 

9. Panasonic DMP-B15 

Panasonic broke new ground when it released the Panasonic DMP-B15, the first-ever dedicated portable Blu-ray player. Not only does this groundbreaking product allow you to play hi-def discs wherever you like, but it also provides the same features and functionality you’d expect from its standalone decks, making it a viable candidate for the home as well as the car. the DMP-B15 is fitted with an 8.9in, WSVGA (1,024 x 600) screen, which may not match the 1,920 x 1,080p resolution of most Blu-ray movies, but is high enough to make the picture look sharper than your average portable DVD player. 

10. Philips PET744 

The best 7in DVD portable Philips ever made boldly proclaims the sticker on the company’s latest disc-spinner, which means we could be in for a real treat if its previous portables are anything to go by. 
The PET744 is conveniently compact, supermodel slim and clad on the top and bottom in a high gloss black finish. Flip open the top section and you’re faced with a 7in, 16:9 screen that can be swivelled 180 degrees and laid flat on the base section. The PET744′s SD card slot is a welcome inclusion. It supports SDHC cards too, potentially putting 32GB of music, video and photos at your fingertips. Alongside the card slot is an AV output that lets you send stereo audio and composite video to a TV and sound system, and two headphone outputs for communal listening. 

However, facing a wide variety of portable DVD players in the market, how do we choose? What are the characteristics that we need special attention? Listen each product description from salesperso, each product is a good, with the different descriptions for the product online, Do not know which one to buy. Here I will list a few points that must be considered. 

On the way to travel, is it necessary to carry those portable DVD player to play DVD? Handheld devices can not play DVDs? Like popular PSP game consoles, such a large storage space, is only can store video game? There are a variety of children’s tablet, like Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Edition, because they do not drive, we will not be able to watch DVD movies on it? If your answer is Yes, I think you still do not understand on the conversion software, let us work together to understand the conversion software-Pavtube DVDAid, which evaluation is very good on market. 

Pavtube DVDAid can convert DVD to more than 200 video and audio formats supported by the various equipment like Android phones and tablets, Apple Devices and so on. With powerful video editing features included, you could trim, crop, insert subtitles, add watermarks, adjust video effects, etc. to create your own movie for playback. If you want to copy the DVD, the DVDAid can help you backup your DVD with the 1:1 copy of original DVD Disc without quality loss with all audio streams, subtitle tracks, extras, etc. And if you want to leave out extras, commentary, etc, you can choose the “Directly copy”. With the NVIDIA CUDA technology and AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP), its conversion speed is 6X faster than other software. If you are Mac user, you can try Pavtube DVDAid for Mac. 

How to Convert DVD with Pavtube DVDAid 

If you want to rip DVD to other file formats that are supported by portable devices, or you want to edit DVD by Windows Movie Maker, here is a step-by-step guide. 

  • First, insert the DVD in your drive and then run the program in your computer.
  • Click “Load DVD” button
  • Select your preferred video output format
  • If you want to edit you movie, click “Edit” before convertion.
  • Click the “convert” button to begin ripping the DVD file to your desired file format

Rip DVD for watching

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