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Easiest Way to Edit AVCHD Wedding Files in Pinnacle Studio 16

Easiest Way to Edit AVCHD Wedding Files in Pinnacle Studio 16

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Most videos shot by camera are all AVCHD, which uses the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 standard, supporting a variety of standard, high definition, and stereoscopic video resolutions. For audio compression, it supports both Dolby AC-3 and uncompressed linear PCM audio. Audio, video, subtitle, and ancillary steams are multiplexed into an MPEG transport stream (*.MTS) and stored on media as binary files.

weddingsWith this fascinating shooting codec, more and more videos are coming in this format. But *.MTS is not a very friendly format for many edit software. And if you have some wedding videos or some party videos like to edit MTS in Pinnacle Studio, which may be a real headache for you. On the one side, you want to keep the best quality as much as it could; on the other side, you have to convert your videos in order to put you MTS weddins videos into your Pinnacle. How to free yourself from this dilemma?

On the other hands, AVCHD MTS recordings can not be suitable with so many popular NELs, except for Pinnacle Studio, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or upload on YouTube etc. So that’s the reason why we need to do some changes with our MTS wedding videos.

Let’s make this clear, AVI technically may not call as a “format’. You can just say it’s a “container” format. Take a example, this AVI is just like our clothes, the real codec which used to compress your videos and audios are inside this “clothes”.  If you do have some AVI files which can’t load them into this editor, then before loading, you should figure out what the inner codec is. Below is the detailed workflow for you to solve this kind of problem.

1, Figure out the inner codec in this AVI container format
Here you can use a free and small tool to help you, it’s called Mediainfo. You can download it and drag your videos into this app. It will show clearly about your inner data, including your audio and video stream, compressed codec etc. As you know the inner codec , you can do the next step. You can go to the net to search some codec install package to reconfigure about your inner date of your source videos. Then you may load your videos into Pinnacle Studio.
2.1, All-in-one powerful tool to trans-code your source video
The first way may be very complex and not everyone can solve this by themselves. But some powerful all-in-one converter can totally get rid of this trouble. Here recommend you this Pavtube Video Converter. This software has inner codec which you don’t have to install some other virtual drive or codec.

First please download this Pavtube Video Converter and have a quick install. Second, load your source video by click “File”>”Add Video /Audio” or directly drag them into this software. After loading your raw videos, click the format bar to choose the output format that your Pinnacle Studio supported. You can choose “HD Video”>”AVI HD Video (*.avi)” as your output format.


Also in the “Settings” UI you can choose the inner codec like *.xvid,*.mjpeg,*.msmpeg4. And Bit rate and Frame rate is available to change to improve the converted quality.

And if you want to do some previous edits before load them into your Pinnacle Studio, just click this “Pencil’ icon or “Edit” on the main UI. Then you will go to the edit interface. Here you can do some personal edits such as add your own text watermark, change “Interlaced ” to “Progressive” , adjust your aspect ratio etc.After finish these steps , just click the “Convert” button to start your conversion. And don’t forget to set your output folder with enough space to store your converted videos.

2.2, if you want to play your videos on your mobile devices, then you can go these steps below:
If you don’t have some professional editor and you just want to enjoy the original video on your bunch of mobile devices like your Tab, phone or stream them on your TV. This Video Converter can still help you do such job.

First, the same step, download and install this Video Converter. Then load your videos into this software, click “File” or directly drag are both OK. After doing those steps, click the format bar to choose the output format. If you want to watch your videos on your phone, let’s take iPhone 6 as an example, this software have the iPhone preset, you can click the brand name in the format bar and leave all the following steps to this converter. How convenient it is! Of course, you can adjust these parameters by yourself if you want.

After doing all those steps, hit this “Convert” button to start your conversion. After finishing your conversion, click “Open output folder” to check your converted videos. Then you can stream your videos into your mobile devices with sharp quality and proper format.

Saving your time and easy solution to this AVI can’t import problem, of course, high definition output quality that you have ever imaged. Why not having a try?

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