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How to Move a Premiere Pro CC Project to Final Cut Pro X?

How to Move a Premiere Pro CC Project to Final Cut Pro X?

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Many users both Adobe Premiere and Final Cur Pro, those two editors are all powerful and excellent at dealing with video edit. But some users first edit their videos in Adobe Premiere then want to switch their videos into Final Cut Pro to do some further dispose. So how to transfer the files from Adobe Premiere to Final Cut Pro without any problem? We can do the whole progress in three steps:

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Part I: Transfer XML files from PPro to FCPX

1, Export your Premiere files as XML
If you open your videos in Premiere , you can see typical file structure in this software.

  • All media is linked, nothing is off-line
  • There are multiple tracks of audio ,most of which are stereo paris
  • There are multiple layers of video
  • There are multiple text clips
  • There are dissolves between B-roll clips

If your premiere is an older version, 
Here’s a typical project inside Premiere. There are several things to note here:

  • All media is linked, nothing is off-line
  • There are multiple tracks of audio, most of which are stereo pairs
  • There are multiple layers of video
  • There are multiple text clips
  • There are dissolves between B-roll clips

If your project came from an older Premiere project, where stereo audio spanned two tracks, then in the current version of Premiere, stereo audio can appear as a single clip in a single track. When moving projects between Premiere and FCPX, whether stereo audio is on one or two tracks doesn’t make a difference

2,Convert the XML file into something Final Cut can read

In order to transfer a project to Final Cut Pro, select the project in the Project panel. Then, choose File>Export>Final Cur Pro XML.

Give the XML file a name and storage location. Then a warning message appears, indicating if Premiere had any problems with the transfer. After a few seconds, the XML file will appear on the location you set before. 

Please pay attention that this XML files are very smll and they are only just some needed transfer information from one program to another. Not the original media file itself. Once you finished the transfer, the file can be deleted.

3, Import the XML file into Final Cut Pro X

FCPX and Premiere use different kinds of XML, so we need the XML first before load into FCPX. Here suggest a small app called 7toX for Final Cur Pro to help the conversion.

Either start the application then select the XML file, or directly drag THE xml file on top of the application icon.

You can choose the first all automatically option for your conversion , or save XML file converts the XML file and saves it to the Desktop.

Either start the application and select the XML file, or drag the XML file on top of the application icon.
This dialog asks what you want to do with the converted XML file. Here goes to the second way.

  • Step 1: choose the “Save XML File” option, store it and set the location, it only take a few seconds to finish this step.
  • Step 2: Start your Final Cut Pro and create a new Library. This create new Library is optional.
  • Step 3: Choose File>Import>XML then select the converted XML before file and click Import to load your files into FCPX.
  • As you can see, all media of your project are displayed in the Browser.

Part II: Other formats load in FCPX
If you don’t have both those two editors and don’t have to go all those steps, you just want to import your videos into FCPX, and then here is another converter you may prefer.

Some other formats like AVCHD(*MTS) or MXF and so on. You may say that now the FCPX 10.1.4 can support MXF natively without wrapping. But still many users stick on FCP6/7 OR X which lower than 10.1.4. So in order to solve this problem, here you need this Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac as the nice assistant.

When you install and open this program, import your files just with two buttons is enough. ‘Add video’ and ‘Add from folder’. Then go to the output list to find the ‘Final Cut Pro’>>’Apple ProRes Codec 422(*.mov)’ as the best. Finally, click the ‘Convert’ button there you can easily start your work. Is that such a easy operation program to use? What are you waiting for?


After you press on the ‘Convert‘ button on the main interface,  with a faster conversion speed, we can get the suitable result we want in Final Cut Pro X. Additionally, do you know how to smoothly transfer your files into FCP X? Here is the related transferring guide. Thanks for reading and with any other suggestions or opinions, you can leave some comments as below.



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