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Advanced Hard Links to Media Changed in Final Cut Pro X

Advanced Hard Links to Media Changed in Final Cut Pro X

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This new guide is talking about the topic on two advanced changes with Media and Libraries in Final Cut Pro X, which also means the good news to those professional FCP editors, right? Just be a good reader in the following article, you will learn more details on the consolidated functions here.

The first Tuesday of the year and the guys at Ripple have published their first MacBreak Studio of 2015. How can media be in more than one place without doubling the disk space used? In this first MacBreak Studio of the year, Sam Mestman shows Steve Martin how you can have media in more than one location, but without duplicating and doubling the disk space taken up.


Confused? You needn’t be. Not to say that the process isn’t crystal clear in our heads, but we understand the principle. It is very easy to duplicate media when you have multiple editors working on a project and by enforcing this consolidation process, you can reduce the amount of unnecessary file space used. A handy tip.

Important Notes:
This technique works great, provided two conditions are true:
1.A library in Final Cut Pro X holds about 3,000 clips. While this is not a hard limit, if you have a lot more clips than that, you’ll need to use multiple libraries to store them and this technique won’t work.
2.Moving all media elements into a single library will take a lot of space. Be sure you have lots of free space on your hard disk before beginning this process. There’s no magic number defining free space because different video formats have different space requirements; but, a good estimate is that you’ll need the same amount of space you are currently using to store the existing media for your project.

Managed Media. Media that is stored inside a library and managed by Final Cut Pro X.
External Media. Media that is stored outside a library and managed by you. FCP X points to external media and only stores links to that media in the Library. There is no limit to the number of external hard disks or folders that can be referenced by Final Cut. However, the 3,000 clip limit per Library still applies.


This system works best when you are consolidating media to a separate hard disk from the library currently holding your data. I have been told, but not verified, that if you consolidate media into a Library on the same hard disk, FCP uses aliases, rather than actually moving the files. To prevent this, move the Library copy to a separate drive before beginning consolidation.

Quit Final Cut and you are done – with all the files for the selected project now stored in a single library. Ready for archiving, giving to another editor, or just to get all your files in one place.

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