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Playback H.265/HEVC video files on H.265/HEVC player

Playback H.265/HEVC video files on H.265/HEVC player

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H.265 Review

In 2014, a brand new codec has released as an update version of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC. It is said that the data compression ratio will be doubled at the same level of video ability compared to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC. What does this mean? This means that video with the same quality encoded under H.265/HEVC codec will have a much smaller size than under H.264/MPEG-4 AVC. However, what a pity that we usually have troubles in playing H.265/HEVC on our media devices, right? So you may ask if there any other effecient H.265/HEVC Players can work this job well?

Are you sure you can know this new codec H.265/HEVC well? Why not get closer to this new guy?

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Giant Digital Company like Samsung and Panasonic has already size the new 4K market by releasing new 4K camera which can shoot under H.265/HEVC. But attendant problem just make many users into a dilemma, no proper media player can review the raw videos smoothly, no relevant NLEs can handle this new codec.


How to free users from this situation and deal with H.265/HEVC video as they want?

Part I:Playback raw H.265/HEVC video on your PC

If you just want to review your raw H.265 HD video , a free H.265/HEVC media player has been existed on the market. This player you can find it in the Chrome Web Store. This H.265/HEVC player is a standalone video player using libde265 to playback H.265/HEVC content. It currently supports Matroska video files with common audio codec. If your machine is too slow for decoding , frame dropping will occur which might result in broken images. And this player is lack of subtitle support.

Part II: Using H.265/HEVC Converter once for all 

This free player we talked above can only review your videos and by checking the reviews from the users, this app crashed a lot and the playback quality may not reach your expectation.

According to that, a powerful all-in-one H.265/HEVC Converter is very necessary to get users out off this situation. Detailed steps as follow:

Step 1: Download this H.265/HEVC Converter on your PC and click “File”>”Add Video/Audio” to load your original videos.

Step 2: Go to the format bar to choose a proper format. If you want the quality degradation to the least, H.264 high profile is a good choice for some normal media player. Choose “HD Video”>”H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)” as your output format.
Tips: All the output format in the “HD Video” encoded by H.264 will be outputted as H.264 high profile. 

Step 3: Click the “Settings” UI to do some personal adjusts on parameters. 
Tips: In this UI , you can see the detailed information about your source and target video. And the whole file size of your converted video will be seen in this UI.

Step 4: After setting the location folder with enough space to store your converted files , just back to the main UI and hit the “Convert” to start your conversion.

After the conversion , you can click this “Open output folder” to check your converted files . Then you will have a compatible HD video which can be played in a normal media player even if you don’t have this H.265/HEVC Player.

Besides, there are bunch of presets for you to choose, no matter you want to stream your H.265/HEVC video into some portable devices or load them in NLEs for further editing. Such as Avid MCAdobe Premiere, etc. All you need will be achieved by this H.265/HEVC Converter.

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