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How to View Sony 3D MTS Video on Gear VR with Galaxy S7/S7 Edge?

How to View Sony 3D MTS Video on Gear VR with Galaxy S7/S7 Edge?

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3D Glasses MTS

When talking about watching 3D movies or video on Samsung Gear VR, we’re not referring to the 360 degree videos you see sometimes on YouTube, what we are really talking about are these regular 3D movies on 3D Blu-ray disc, downloaded from 3D Yify sites. How about viewing the 3D MTS video footage recorded with Sony 3D camcorder like HDR-TD10, HDR-TD20V or HDR-TD30V on Samsung Gear VR?

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Samsung Gear VR supported 3D formats

Before answering your question, let’s first take a look at what 3D formats are supported by Gear VR as below:
3D movie formats: .mp4, .m4v, .3gp, .3g2, .ts, .webm, .mkv, .wmv, .asf, .avi, .flv
Tips: the best video format is .mkv while audio format is .aac
3D movie resolution: 720p

Transcode Sony 3D MTS to Gear VR 3D SBS format

Obviously, Samsung Gear VR does not play 3D movies or video with MTS format, fortunately, there are some third-party application such as Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac (review) can assist you to convert Sony 3D MTS to Samsung Gear VR supported formats listed above. If your 3D MTS footage recorded in 1080p, you can also manually lower the output video resolution as 1080×720 in the profile parameters window to get the best picture quality when viewing the 3D video on Samsung Gear VR with Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+.

For Windows users, you can get your desired 3D file format by downloading Pavtube MTS/MTS Converter.

Free trial for Mac version

Free trial for Windows version

Organize your 3D folder

To watch movies on Gear VR, you will still need to install the Oculus Cinema App on above listed phone models, an additional folder will pop up on your Galaxy phone. That is where you put 2D movies in. For viewing 3D movies, make sure to create a “3D” folder (without quotes now and further on) inside the 2D folder.

Oculus Cinema app supported 3D movie format: 3D SBS format, although the 3D MTS video is not in that format, however, you can easily output Oculus app readable 3D SBS MKV format from 3D MTS video with our program.
For some movies happens to be in OU (Over/Under) or TB (Top/Bottom) format, you are required to add this specific .txt file with each movie you drop there.
Text file looks like this:
“format”: “3DTB”

Just copy the content alongside with brankets inside the text file, and save the file by naming it exactly as is shown on the movie title (or on the .mkv file)

If you are not familiar how to transcode 3D MTS to 3D SBS MKV for Samsung Gear VR, please have a reference at the below guide which is carried out on Mac computer.(The program supported the newest Mac OS X El Capitan).

Step 1: Load 3D MTS files into the program.

Launch the program on your Mac computer, click “File” > “Add Video/Audio” to import 3D MTS videos from your Mac hard drive to the application.

Tips: When copying 3D MTS files from your Sony 3D camcorder to Mac hard drive, make sure to copy the entire file structure of the card instead of just the clips.

Step 2: Choose to output SBS 3D video format.
Click “Format” bar and from its drop-down option, select “3D Video” > “MKV Side-by-Side 3D Video (*.mp4)” as the best 3D format for viewing on Samsung Gear VR Oculus Cinema app with Galaxy smartphones.

Output sbs 3d mkv format

Step 3:Adjust output 3D video depth.
Click “Settings” button to open “Profile” settings window, drag the sliders to change the depth of the output 3D video.

Adjust 3D video depth

Step 4: Begin the conversion process.

Set an output folder to store the converted files, then press the right-bottom “Convert” button to carry out the conversion from Sony 3D MTS to Samsung Gear VR 3D Side-by-Side MKV format.

When the conversion is over, transfer the 3D video to the formerly created 3D folder on your phone, then insert your phone into Samsung Gear VR for viewing 3D video with great 3D visual effect.

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