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Downscale Zenmuse X4S 4K to 1080p on Mac/PC

Downscale Zenmuse X4S 4K to 1080p on Mac/PC

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With DJI Zenmuse X4S camera, you can record 4K/60 H.264 and 4K/30 H.265 videos at a 100Mbps bitrate. Although there are many great benefits to shoot 4K video than 1080p video, however, you may find that it is a great plain to play, edit, backup or share the 4K material on many devices and applications. The main reason is that 4K video is too large in size, it will occupy a lot of space on your computer hard drive or phone/tablet internal memory, in addition, it will take a long time or require a lot of bandwidth when transferring on the Internet, what’s more, transcoding 4K content is a very CPU intensive process and will slow down your computer. The last point, 4K video encoded with H.265 codec has poor compatibility with many devices and applications.

Based on above listed reasons, then it is essential for you to compress Zenmuse X4S 4K to 1080p for smooth and better playing, editing, sharing and backing up, the following article will show you how to easily downscale Zenmuse X4S 4K to 1080p.

Best way to compress Zenmuse X4S 4K to 1080p

To reduce Zenmuse X4S 4K to 1080p, what you need is simply a 4K video compressor. When you are searching on the Internet, you may find that there are many options. Have no ideal which is the best one to choose, the following part has listed some important criterion for you as a reference.
– Full loading support for both Zenmuse X4S 4K H.264 and 4K H.265 video
– Available on both Windows and Mac platform
– Various output format options to better satisfy your needs for playing, editing, sharing and backing up
– Fast compression speed
– Compress 4K to 1080p with minimum quality loss

Based on above listed standard, we finally settle on Pavtube Video Converter for Mac. The program has full support for all 4K file formats with different container file formats such as 4K AVI/WM/MP4/MOV/MKV/FLV/TS/MXF/XAVC/XAVC S and compression codec like 4K H.264/h.265/Prores, etc. You can easily downscale DJI Zenmuse X4S 4K to 1080p or 720p in various HD file formats including H.264 HD MP4, H.264 HD MOV, H.265 HD, MPEG-4 HD MP4, MPEG-2 HD, MPEG-TS HD, MKV HD, WMV HD, Divx HD, AVI HD, BDAV HD, etc for better playing on Mac or PC with media player software or uploading popular video sharing sites. Besides that, you can also use the program to directly output hot devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablet, Windows phone/tablet, game consoles, TVs, etc or editing applications like iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Davinci Resolve, etc preset profile formats with the optimal playback or editing settings.

Pavtube Video Converter for Mac supports batch conversion mode, therefore, you can load multiple DJI Zenmuse 4K video into the program for conversion at one time. The Mac version is available on macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, Mac OS X El Capitan, Mac OS X Yosemite, etc. In addition, it is also accompanied by an up-to-date Windows version – Pavtube Video Converter for Windows 10/8.1/8/7. For people who plan to compress Zenmuse 4K to 1080p with H.264 or H.265 codec on Windows platform with Pavtube Video Converter, you can get up to 6x H.264 codec encoding speed as long as your computer runs on Graphic card that supports Nvidia CUDA or AMD App technology or 30x H.265 codec encoding speed as long as your computer runs on Graphic card that supports Nvidia NVENC technology.

Step by Step to Compress DJI Zenmuse X4S 4K to 1080p on Mac/PC

Step 1: Add DJI Zenmuse X4S 4K videos.

Open the program, click “File” menu, from its drop-down option, select “Add Video/Audio” to load Zenmuse X4S 4K H.265 and H.264 video to the program.

Load DJI Zenmuse X4S 4K videos

Step 2: Choose output file format.

Clicking the Format bar, from its drop-down list, to compress 4K to 1080p, it would be much ideal for you to output a HD file format, here, we choose to output the most popular “H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)” under “HD Video” main category. You can also choose other formats or device or editing program preset profile formats according to your own needs.

Output H.264 HD file format

Step 3: Compress 4K to 1080p.

Click “Settings” on the main interface to open “Profile Settings” window, in video section, from “Size(pix)” drop-down list, select “1980*1020″ to reduce Zenmuse X4S 4K to 1080p, you can also tweak other settings according to your own needs.

Step 4: Begin the conversion process.

After all setting is completed, hit the “Convert” button at the right bottom of the main interface to begin DJI Zenmuse X4S 4K to 1080p video compressing and converting process.

When the conversion is finished, click “Open Output Folder” icon on the main interface to open the folder with generated files. You can then get a small size video for conveniently playing, editing, sharing and backing up.


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