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The 10 Best Drones for kids and beginners

The 10 Best Drones for kids and beginners

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Drones are fun to fly, they can perform cool tricks and almost all drones are now able to take high definition photos and video footage. It’s no wonder they’re keeping kids happy and entertained as much as adult drone flyers! The following article has selected a mix of budget and high-end drones that are all rated highly among drone flyers for both their flying ability and durability – the perfect combination needed for young drone flyers!

7 best drones for kids and beginners

Top 1: Syma X5C

The best selling RC hobby drone on Amazon right now is the Syma X5C, and has 61% of reviewers rating it a full 5 stars. It measures just 31cm x 31cm x 8cm, so it’s not quite micro and it’s not quite a full-size drone. It charges fully in 100 minutes, and it lasts for roughly 8 minutes in flight. It is controllable up to 50m (which makes it one of the best drones for kids). It comes with a 720p camera, and it has a MicroSD slot for storage. It’s great for beginners, and comes in at less than $50. We also included the Syma X5C in our list of the 50 best toys for boys, as well as our list of the hot toys of 2015, and it’s our number one choice for being the best drone for kids.

Price: $48.80

Top 2: Sky Viper HD V950 Video Drone

The Sky Viper drone exceeds its quality expectations for the price. It records 720p high definition pictures and videos, and comes with an included 4GB MicroSD card that allows you to capture up to 20 minutes of flight footage. It can also grab a full 360 degress of panoramic views with the touch of a single button. Its super tough duraflex body is designed with daredevil pilots in mind, so it can take a serious beating without breaking. It measures 12.75″ blade to blade. We love the Sky Viper v950 so much, that we even included it in our mega list of the top 100 best cool toys for boys.


Top 3: Traxxas 6608 LaTrax Alias Quad-Rotor RTF Heli

Traxxas’ drones are just as respectable as their cars, which is why we include their cars on our list of the best RC cars on earth. But the LaTrax Alias 6608 Quad-Rotor Ready-to-Fly Helicopter is the bees knees. What does that long title actually mean? Basically, there’s no assembly required, and you’ve got a drone with four rotors. It has a hiigh-capacity 650mAh LiPo battery, and it uses an auto-leveling 6-axis flight system for easy control. It’s the number one selling ready to fly drone on the market. What’s more, it has a slightly aggressive look that ups the “cool factor” a few points.


Top 4:  UDI U818A UPGRADED VERSION 2.4GHz Quadcopter with Camera

The UDI RC 818A Quadcopter with camera is the best known camera drone for kids and beginners, and it comes in at $85. You don’t get the Traxxas name with this one, but UDI can certainly hold its own. This great kids drone is popular for its ease of use and crash-ready design. It’s the perfect learner’s quadcopter. It charges in just 120 minutes, and it can stay in the air for roughly 9 minutes. It’s easy to repair, thanks to its highly modular design. It also uses a 6-axis gyro and 4 channel function for stable flying and easy operation. Its remote is one of the best “cheap” remotes in the business.


Top 5: Heli-Max 1SQ RTF Quadcopter with 2.4Ghz Radio

The Heli-Max 1SQ is another great option, and we’ve included it on this list because of how cool it looks. Seriously, look at that orange stud! As far as its specs, it features four independently controlled rotors that gives it an unprecedented level of control, making it incredibly easy to fly indoors. It also works outdoors, but the Heli-Max is one of the best indoor drones available. It uses what’s called triple axis gyro stabilization, so it’s able to remain steady with ease.


Top 6: Hubsan X4 H107C

For just $40, you can pick up the Hubsan X4 H107C on Amazon. It uses the latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity, so that as they progress in their flight skills, they can slowly allow more access to more control. You can do flips 4-ways with the simple touch of a button. It also comes with a .3MP camera for video recording, and although that’s nowhere new the best camera drones available, it’s good for learning. The camera doesn’t move, it just points straight, but it’ll help your learner to get a feel for positioning the drone. We also included the Hubsan on our list of the best drones under $100 because of its ease of use and cool look.


Top 7: Syma X9 Fly Car

Forget about everything you immediately think when someone says “drone”, and have a look at this Syma X9 Flying Car. It has a cool futuristic-looking car design that kids will love, and it has propellers to take it airborn. Of course, it flies AND drives on the ground, so it’s a 2-in-1 that gives your kids more ways to play. When in the air, the drone can do a 360° roll with just the tap of a button. It has a 6-axis gyro for the ultimate control, and its 2.4GHz radio allows for it to be controlled from a distance with minimal interference. I’ll also note that Syma is a trusted brand when it comes to low to mid-end drones, and the X9 is as cool as it looks.

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