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Edit H.264 with Premiere Pro CC

Edit H.264 with Premiere Pro CC

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Problems to edit H.264 native with Premiere Pro CC

Most DSLR camera supports to shot high definition or 4K resolution video compressed using the H.264 codec. Most professional NLE software also including Premiere Pro CC offers native editing support for H.264 format. However, when people try to native edit H.264 with Premiere Pro CC, they often encounter the following problems:
– Premiere Pro CC lags and skips around when attempting to edit H.264 directly
– The H.264 files are dropping in playback in Adobe Premiere
– Premiere Pro CC crashes when try to load or import H.264 video
– Re-rendering H.264 in Premiere Pro CC will result in image degradation

Is it H.264 a good editing format for Premiere Pro CC?

Editing H.264 natively will help users to save the extra decoding time and HDD space. However, when taking other factors such as render time, image quality, computer hardware costs or integration with other video formats in the same project, a lot of people may find H.264 is not the best choice in the following aspects:
– H.264 is an extremely processor intensive codec, it is so compressed that your computer’s cpu is having to decode it on the fly, which is a big burden.
– It takes longer time to render H.264 files than other formats.
– H.264 is an 8-bit format, which means that you are potentially compromising your effects and, especially, color correction and compositing with gradients.
– H.264 does not integrate easily with other video formats.

Best way to work H.264 with Premiere Pro CC

To fix all the head-scratching issue caused by H.264 editing format, here we highly recommend you to transcode H.264 to Premiere Pro CC’s high quality and high performance editing codec – Apple Prores. Comparing with H.264, this intermediate codec has the following great advantages:
– ProRes are less hardware intensive than H.264. You don’t need a fancy graphics card and you don’t need as fast a computer to edit these transcoded formats.
– ProRes files are larger, but they render faster and they have more room, so you can create great looking effects without losing any quality.
– As a 10 bit codec, Apple Prores can process a lot of more color data and make the color correction process easier.
– Fast encoding and decoding: Delivers high-quality, real-time playback and faster rendering times.

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Transcode H.264 to Prores for Premiere Pro CC

Here, you can get the job easily completed with our best Prores Converter - Pavtube Video Converter for Mac. The program has perfect importing support for both 4K or HD H.264 MP4/MOV files shot from different DSLR cameras. Thanks to its batch conversion mode, you can load multiple video into the application for conversion at one time to save your precious time.

With the application, you can easily export H.264 to Premiere Pro CC most efficient with the best resulting image quality editing format Apple Prores in various different types including “Apple Prores 422(*.mov)”, “Apple Prores 422(HQ)(*.mov)”, “Apple Prores Proxy)(*.mov)” and “Apple Prores (LT)(*.mov). Here, you can choose the suitable ones according to your own situatin or needs.

f you computer is old or slow, or you just want to do some rough editing, you can select to output “Apple Prores Proxy)(*.mov)”or “Apple Prores (LT)(*.mov)”format to save more space and bandwidth. However, if your computer are powerful enough to handle multicam and high-resolution video and you are going to do many effects editing work with Premiere Pro CC, you’d better choose to output “Apple Prores 422(*.mov)”or “Apple Prores 422(HQ)(*.mov)”for better performance.

For Windows users, please switch to download Pavtube Video Converter to perform the same codec transcoding on Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

Step by Step to Encode H.264 to Prores for Premiere Pro CC Best Editing Workflow

Step 1: Load H.264 video.

Download the free trial version of the program. Launch it on your computer. Click “File” menu and select “Add Video/Audio” or click the “Add Video” button on the top tool bar to import H.264 video files shot with DSLR camera into the program.

Load H.264 video

Step 2: Choose the output file format.

Clicking the Format bar, from its drop-down list, choose Premiere Pro CC best favorable Apple Prores editing codec.

If you try to do more effects editing of the H.264 video with Premiere Pro CC on powerful computer, it would be much ideal for you to choose “Apple Prores 422(*.mov)” or “”Apple Prores 422(HQ)(*.mov)”for high quality performance.

Output Prores 422 or 422 HQ

If you have a underpowered Mac computer, to get a smooth post editing workflow, it would be much ideal for you to choose”Apple Prores 422(Proxy)(*.mov)” or “Apple Prores 422(LT)(*.mov)” format.

Output Prores 422 Proxy or LT format

Step 3: Start the conversion process.

After all setting is over, go back to the main interface and hit right-bottom “Convert” button to start to convert H.264 to Premiere Pro CC most compatible Apple Prores editing formats encoding process.

When the conversion is completed, launch Premiere Pro CC on your Mac computer to import converted video to Premiere Pro CC for smooth post editing workflow.


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