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3D Glasses

How to View Sony 3D MTS Video on Gear VR with Galaxy S7/S7 Edge?

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When talking about watching 3D movies or video on Samsung Gear VR, we’re not referring to the 360 degree videos you see sometimes on YouTube, what we are really talking about are these regular 3D movies on 3D Blu-ray disc, downloaded from 3D Yify sites. How about viewing the 3D MTS video footage recorded with […]


Put Blackmagic 4K ProRes Files on Zeiss VR One for Playing

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Blackmagic Design announce the URSA in April, a user upgradeable 4K camera and the Blackmagic Studio Camera. We were expecting an 8K model from Blackmagic today! Nothing at that resolution, but we weren’t disappointed. With the stunning features, both professional producers and camera amateurs would eager to have it for video recording.The Zeiss VR One […]


Watch GoPro 3D Video with Zeiss VR One via iPhone 6

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At the rate virtual reality is going, every company will have its own headset. Tons of big names from Oculus VR, Sony and even Microsoft have gotten into the game, and now camera lens maker Zeiss has jumped into the ring. Zeiss claims it has put its know how behind molding precision glass to create […]