Can I Trim/Split HD *.ts files from satellite recordings for playing with VLC?

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“HD *.ts files from satellite recordings, I wanted to use it to trim or split video files for playing with VLC player, how can i achieve it?” 

This a feedback from our user. As well as we know, TS file extension is widely used in HD content. Videos with this format are usually large in size. So you may need to cut a big-size HD TS video into multiple smaller video files, or cut off some unnecessary video clips of a HD TS file. Check the video tutorial about how to Trim/Split HD *.ts files from satellite recordings for VLC Player first. 

All you need is a professional yet easy-to-use TS editor. you can quickly and easily finish the jobs as long as you own an excellent TS cutter with Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac. With it, you can easily Trim/Split HD *.ts files from satellite recordings. Also, it provide you other TS editing functions like merge, crop, add watermark, adjust video effect, edit audio and insert subtitles. What’s more, it is not only a TS editor, but also a converter which can convert TS and other 250+ formats to any format you need on your Mac. (read review

Hot features of the best TS editor and converter: 

  • Edit TS with hot functions including split, merge, trim, crop, add watermark, adjust video effect, edit audio and insert subtitles.
  • Edit M2TS, MTS, TS, MXF, H.265, MPEG, MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV etc with editing features including split, merge, trim, crop, add watermark, adjust video effect, edit audio and insert subtitles.
  • Convert TS to any format like MP4, MOV, MKV, H.265, Apple ProRes, AVI, and othets.
  • Convert TS to popular editing software format like iMovie, FCP, FCE, Premiere Pro and more.
  • Its Windows version - Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter.

Now, I’ll show you how to use this intelligent TS editing tool to edit TS files with classic features like trim, split for VLC player. 

   (only $29)

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How to Trim/Split HD *.ts files from satellite recordings for VLC Player? 

1. Load TS video files to the software using any of the two ways below: 

A.Click “File” menu, and select “Add Video/Audio” or “Add from folder” to import source video, audio and image files. 
B.Click “Add Video” button or “Add from folder” button to import source files. 


Note: After importing, all video files will be listed in the program. You can preview the imported movie file by double clicking or checking one of them and click the play button under preview window. 

2. Set output format. Clicking the Format bar, you can choose output format from the format list or customize which formats to be shown on the list. Here you can select HD MP4 for playing on VLC well. 


Tips: In the Profile Settings window, you can choose or specify exactly the parameters you like. And in the Task information section, you can compare the detailed information of the source video and the target video. 

3. Split selected file into several small pieces: By clicking the “Split” button mts m2ts mac split button on file list, or from “Edit” menu, you can launch the “Video Split” window. Checking “Enable” to enable it, and then you can split the file by file count, time length, or file size. 


4. To trim a video, please switch to “Trim” tab in “Video Editor” Interface and follow any of the methods below: 

1. Drag the control sliders mts m2ts mac slide to include the segment you want to remain. 

2. Click the left square bracket  to set start point, and click the right square bracket  to set end point when previewing the video. 

3. Input specific values to “Start” and “End” box. 

5. Choose Output Directory and Find the Output Folder 

By clicking Browse button on main interface, you can choose the directory where you’d like to put the output files. 

By clicking Open button, you can popup the output folder.  

At last: Clicking the Convert button on main interface, you can go to Conversion window to start conversion. 

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Related Software: 

1. Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac: Professional HD Video converter for converting HD Videos on Mac, provides the perfect solution to convert HD video to any HD/SD video format like AVCHD MTS/M2TS/TS, H.265, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, FLV, MKV, WebM, M4V, etc. and vice versa on Mac. Running perfectly on Mac OS X Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks/Yosemite/El Capitan/macOS Sierra. 

2. Pavtube Video Converter for Mac is blazing professional video conversion software, enabling you to convert any video formats like MTS, M2TS, TS, H.265, MP4, MOV, , MPEG, FLV, AVI, MKV and more 300+ formats or YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook video, to 4K/HD 1080P video. It possesses high compatibility with portable iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, QuickTime, etc. 


Best Way to Merge Recorded Video?

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Summary: Perhaps you have recorded many video clips of Halloween party a few days ago, and you can’t find a simple way to merge the several into one with subtitle for sharing with your friends on larger screen TV. Here give you the few click steps to handle it.

Halloween holiday has just passed for a several days, and you shoot many of the videos on the Halloween party but failed to imported to NEL for adding the cinematic sequences for every clip. Or you just want to merge the several clips into a one for sharing on your larger screen TV or other portable devices such as iMac, lager screen PC or display. Some of you perhaps willing to add some subtitle for some special actions. What should you do?

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In order to solve cannot import issues, I would recommend you a professional video tools–Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac. It is a power tool enables you merge all the video clips into one and converted for the NELs more compatible format for adding customize subtitle. Meanwhile, this tool also a simple editor, you can trim, crop, add watermarks, add video effect, etc. For windows user: Pavtube HD Video Converter is available.


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- Amazon Store Download:
- AppStore Download:
- Cnet Download:

Best Way to Merge Recorded Video with Subtitle to Run on TV

Step 1. Import all the recorded files

Import the captured Halloween video files into it by clicking on “File” > “Add Video/Audio” or “Add from Folder.”

Step 2. Pick the compatible format

In order to edit the recorded files on Avid on Mac, you are recommended to output DNxHD MOV, follow “Avid Media Composer” > “Avid DNxHD 1080p (*.mov).”

Many people would like to use Apple ProRes 422 in FCP. And from the format list please pick “Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)” under “Final Cut Pro.”

Step 4. Start conversion

Once finishing selecting output format,don’t f click ticking off “Merge into one file” option behind “Settings” button, you can merge the ticked files in list into one single file.

Then click “Convert”, a converting screen will pop up, indicating the progress of the conversion. When it 100 percent completed, you can get the converted target format video by click “open” icon, then you can get it for playback and editing.

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How to Add Subtitles to MOV Videos?

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Subtitle file with SRT extension is perhaps the most basic of all subtitle formats, which can be extracted from the whole video source file during its playback. We can also free download kinds of SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles files from the Internet. Having lots of MOV videos at hands, how to add subtitles to MOV videos?


You don’t have to be a movie buff to appreciate a good foreign film, but unless you know the language, you will need to watch with subtitles. If you’ve got MOV videos that don’t have any subtitles at all, I’ll give you top 5 subtitle download sites to download subtitles you need as your reference or by simply checking through a search engine. Subtitle file formats are typically found in .srt, .ass, .ssa, .sub, and MicroDVD.

Adding subtitles to MOV videos, movies, TV shows and etc. can be fairly easy and it is not as difficult as you imagine. The file format of the video usually doesn’t matter when it comes to adding subtitles, but naturally, playback is another story depending on how and where you want to watch it. So, how to add subtitles to MOV videos? Maybe the professional subtitle adder is not enough for you. Here suggest you multifunctional software- Pavtube Video Converter. With it, not only can you add subtitles like .ass/.ssa to your MOV videos, you can also do the video format conversion work without quality loss. It’s an all-in-one video converter, editor and player.
Tips: Best Video Editing Software in 2015


Other Download:
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- Amazon Download:
- Cnet Download:

How to add subtitles to MOV videos?

Step 1: Download and have a quick installation. The trial version will have a watermark on your converted files. Except for that, there are no time limitation, no virus, and no unnecessary bundle apps while downloading. After that, click “Add Video” button to load MOV videos. You can load several files at once thanks to “Add from folder” button.

Step 2: Before click “Edit” to add subtitle, you should have the subtitle for your MOV videos. Then click “Edit” to choose the “Subtitle” to check “Enable” to select your subtitle paths. After completing, hit “OK” to return to the main interface.

Step 3: Click the “Format” bar to get the drop-down menu and you can get optimized presets. You can choose suitable output format according to your needs. If you don’t think it’s necessary, you can skip this step.

Step 4: After all preparation work done, click “Convert” button to add subtitles to MOV videos for playing and using. The subtitle will be written permanently on the output video.

Conclusion: Now, the subtitle has become a part of MOV videos. Just download the program to have a try. You’ll love it!


Hassle-free way to add Subtitle to MP4 files on Win/Mac

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Movies or videos in MP4 are universal nowadays and we can watch movies or videos online easily. Maybe you download some MP4 files, only find there is no subtitle or the languages is not your national language, so you need to add native language subtitles to MP4 files. The following article will introduce a nice MP4 Subtitle Adder as well as a step by step guide to add subs to MP4 files. 

Maybe you want to add your desired subtitles to any format movie you have, so that the professional MP4 Subtitle Adder is not enough for you, here suggest you multifunctional software –Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for you. With it, you not only can add subtitle like .srt, .ass, and .ssa to your MP4 files, you also can choose the language and subtitles you want from original BD/DVD and source video to display on your media devices. If you also collected some DVDs, blu-rays or videos unable played on your devices, you can also use it to convert them to the MP4 format without quality loss. 

Tip: Mac user should download the Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac for adding Subtitles to MP4 Video. 

Supported video and subtitle formats 

  • Video formats: MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MPG, MPEG, VOB, TOD, MOD, FLV, and all regular video formats.
  • Subtitle formats: SRT, ASS, SSA

Step 1. Import MP4 without subtitles 

After installed this subtitle to Video Converter Ultimate (Windows 8.1 supported), run the program and import your MP4 video by dragging video to the primary windows, or by clicking “Add Video” button to locate MP4 video on your computer. load-mp4-video

Step 2. Click the “Edit” to add subtitle 

Before you do this step, you should have the subtitle for your movies or audio. Then click the “Edit” to choose the “Subtitle” to check “Enable” to select your Subtitle paths. After completing, hit “OK”  to return to the main interface.edit-add-subtitle

Step 3. Export MP4 video with subtitle 

Now it’s time to save subtitle to MP4 video permanently. Firstly, choose a desired output format by clicking the “Format” option on the right side. Then, choose a video format (e.g. keep MP4 format) or device format (e.g. iPhone, iPod, iPad) to convert MP4 video with subtitle to a video file. foramt

Step 4. Start to add Subtitle to your MP4. 

After that, click the big red “Convert” to add your subtitle to your MP4 files. The subtitle will be written permanently on the output video. 


If your original video is not MP4 format and you want to get MP4 files playing on your iPhone, or your Android Phone and Tablet, you can use Pavtube Video Convert Ultimate to convert your video or your DVDs or Blu-rays to MP4 formats. Even you also can use it to get .SRT subtitle from your DVDs or Blu-rays. 

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How to Extract .SRT subtitles from DVD on your PC

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We are used to watching movies with subtitle. So when you play a movies without subtitles, you would want to add subtitle to the movies. For example, if you get a DVD from your friend, but when you played it, you found there is no subtitle or the language you cannot understand. So to solve this question, you need to extract .SRT subtitles from DVD to your native language, which allows you to store them as backups in your media library and even edit. 

May be you have used some free subtitles converter like Subrip to get the .SRT subtitle from your DVD, but you will find that it is not doing such a great job, spacing is all messed up and even unrecognized character. Here recommends you Pavtube ByteCopy Windows version for you to extract .SRT subtitles from DVD movies on your PC. And you only do a simple choice and settings (optional), can get multi-language .SRT subtitle for your DVD. Anyone who enjoys movies without the need of great computer knowledge can also use successfully. 

How to extract .srt subtitles from DVD on your PC 

Step 1. Load DVD from hard drive. load.BD

Step 2. Find the “Format” menu, and select “Subtitle File” from its drop-down list. There is a options of the box-”SRT Subtitle(*.srt)”. 

Step 3. Click the “Settings” to select subtitles by language. Check any language you’d like to keep. You can either keep native-language subtitles only or multiple subtitles in different languages. SRT-Subtitle-settings

Step 4. Click “Convert” and Pavtube ByteCopy will extract DVD .sup subtitles and convert them to .srt format. It could take long time to convert .sup subtitles to .srt, as .sup is a image format. 

Tip: Now you can add the .SRT subtitle to the video folder, and give it the same name of video name. After that, you can easily play DVD movies with .SRT subtitle. And if you want to add the downloaded subtitle to DVD, you also can use the Pavtube ByteCopy, only click the “Edit” to add your subtitle.  

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