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Import Sony F65 Raw MXF Clips to FCP X on Mac

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It’s not strange if you are trapped in the errors when importing your Sony F65 Raw MXF files into FCP X, due to the format limitation, codec structure, etc, for editing F65 MXF footage in FCP X, we are on the way to find the best method to convert F65 MXF to ProRes MOV there.


If you are one of the lucky editors who will work with 4K RAW or SR codec footage from the Sony F65 camera, then you’ll need to know how to get the footage off the cards and into your NLE, FCP X may be the typical one for all Mac users. However, if you know the best supported video formats for FCP X, it would be little difficult for us to make MXF directly accepted by FCP X.

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‘I just got my Sony F65 camcorder. I’m trying to put F65 videos onto FCP X but I’m having some problems getting them on. The importing process is so slowly, and I can’t see and play the video on FCP X’s preview windows. How to edit F65 video files in FCP X without rendering?’

Answer: Converting F65 MXF to ProRes MOV for editing in FCP X, it’s the key to solve the troubles you can have a try! So is there any MXF to FCP X converters we can use to work this conversion job well? Pavtube MXF Converter for Mac, being specially developed to convert Sony MXF footage to common video format with no quality loss, is highly recommended here to convert Sony F65 MXF files to ProRes for FCP X. According to the specs of FCP X, the latest FCP supports 4K video, and the MXF Converter introduced here can output 4K videos with ease, that means, it can remain the original 4K resolution after conversion.

Notes: Wanna the output videos with multi-track audios preserved? Why not take the Pavtube iMixMXF Converter for Mac as another try? It can be the best multi-track MXF transcoder to make your F65 MXF footage accepted by FCP X.

How to Open Sony F65 4K MXF Files in FCP for Editing?

Step 1.Launch the program and click “Add ” button to import the Sony F65 MXF files to the program. Batch conversion is supported.


Step 2. Go to “Format” bar and choose “Final Cut Pro> Apple PreRes 422″ or “Apple ProRes 422 HQ” or “Apple ProRes 4444″ as the output format. You can choose the most suitable one as you need.


Step 3. Tips: If you want to set some parameters for the output profile, you could click the “Settings” button to set the output bitrate, encode, frame rate, resolution, sample rate, channels, etc.


Back to the main interface, click the “Convert” button to start converting Sony F65 MXF files to ProRes 422 for FCP X, FCP 7 and FCP 6. The process may take a while for 4K videos are too large. You can let the cute MXF Converter Mac do the rest job itself. Once the conversion is 100% completed, you can transfer your videos to FCP X/7/6 for further editing without any problem. You can click “Open” button to locate the converted video files.

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Audio Issues When Editing Sony PMW 150 MXF in FCP?

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Facing problems with Sony PWM-150 MXF footage while importing to Final Cut Pro for editing? However, some users reflect that they got some audio issues when working MXF files with MXF Converters, what did that happen? The following page will teach you how to nicely convert Sony PMW 150 MXF to ProRes MOV for FCP.


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‘I have a Macbook with Mac OS X installed. I have updated to Mavericks 10.9. I have just bought a new Sony camcorder-Sony PMW-150. I can download the photos but I am unable to open MXF files in Final Cut Pro. I search that MXF seems not be compatible with FCP so I used a professional MXF Converter but something wrong with the audio tracks. I’m now seeking the solutions’

Edit Sony PMW 150 MXF in NLEs: Pavtube MXF Converter for Mac
Cause we all know that the MXF footage cannot be accepted by most popular NLEs like iMoviePremiere Pro, etc, or even play MXF on TV? In order to complete the task of smoothly editing MXF in FCP. We need to convert the MXF to the best FCP supported formats ProRes .mov. So firstly you need to get the Pavtube MXF Converter for Mac, which is the professional one designed for making MXF files suitable for other NLEs or media players.

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Guide on fixing problems when importing Sony PMW 150 MXF to FCP for editing: 
Step 1. Add the original Sony MXF files:
Launch the MXF to FCP Converter, open the main interface on the left corner, with the ‘Add video’ and ‘Add from folder’ to load your files.


Step 2. Choose best output for FCP
Then come to the output list to after clicking the ‘Format’ bar on the left of the preview window. Here we can choose the ‘Final Cut Pro’ >>’Apple ProRes Codec 422(*.mov)’ as the best. That’s the best one as we have mentioned above.


Notes: For those people who wanna convert the MXF files with multiple track audios preserved, we also have the Pavtube iMixMXF here for you. It is designed for those advanced user who need the multi-track audio with output videos. Why not have a try?

Step 3. Remove the audio problems
If you don’t know how to set the output audios, you need to get into the ‘Settings’ button to get more details. Here, we can set our output audios by ourselves. 

At the end, after you finished the preparation work, go back to the main interface to hit the big red button ‘Convert’ to get your work started. That’s it! Such an easy and convenient, right? That’s the reason why professional Mac MXF to FCP converter has a good reputation online. Just from MXF to PoRes MOV, that’s the key point we can enjoy editing Sony PMW 150 MXF files in FCP nicely.

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