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Latest Lumix TZ70/TZ57 Travel Camera Has Come Out from Panasonic

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Panasonic has announced a selection of new Lumix cameras at CES, which are designed to give you better photographic power than your smartphone while still being compact. With the coming of Lumix TZ70 and Lumix TZ 57, we are glad to travel all over the world with these two tiny cameras! We can see more features of Lumix TZ70 and Lumix TZ57 cameras below, moreover, how to freely watch the AVCHD/MP4 output footage is also offered here.


Panasonic Lumix TZ70 and TZ57 Features

The Panasonic Lumix TZ70 uses a 12.1-megapixel high-sensitivity sensor, and Panasonic has made the photosites 1.5x larger than previous iterations. This is to make for better low-light performance.

The TZ70 has 30x optical zoom and has a 5-axis Hybrid optical image stabilisation plus system, to combat camera shake. It has an electronic viewfinder, full manual controller and the ability to shoot Full HD video.

Panasonic has equipped the TZ70 with a control ring too, which makes it feel more like a fully fledged camera, especially as it has 240fps AF technology too. The TZ57 only has 20x optical zoom, but has a 16-megapixel Live MOS sensor. It might have more megapixels but it isn’t optimised for the low light shooting in the way the more expensive TZ70 is

On the other way, though this tiny camera can shot the wonderful moments for us with a high definition image, how can we edit the AVCHD/MP4 footage in some hot NLEs like FCP, iMovie, Premiere Pro or playback on QuickTime, VIL media player, etc? To make the Lumix TZ57/TZ70 AVCHD/MP4 recordings natively supported by those media players or editing tools, we here highly can recommend you this Pavtube Video Converter for Mac/Windows. It is a professional format transcoder that can help us so easily in different video formats. You will be surprised with the functional items and easy operation.

If you launch this program on your computer, on the main interface, we can load the files so nicely with ‘Add files’. For any NLEs or media devices, you can find them all on the output list. For other common videos? Why not go to the ‘Common Video’ column to have a look as the screen shot shows to you?


Optional function: As we mentioned above, in this program, we can customize our output videos so nicely.

Click the “Effect” button to open the Video Edit window to achieve editing MP4 like trim, crop, image, watermark, effect, subtitles and rotate and etc in the corresponding editing pane.

Click the “Setting…” button to open the Advanced Settings window to adjust the output video codec, resolution, bitrates, frame rate, aspect ratio, audio codec, channel, volume and etc in the advanced tab.

Finally, let’s come back to the main interface, we can easily convert the Lumix TZ70 and Lumix TZ57 files to others for further editing or playback. Just enjoy your travelling recordings from Panasonic Lumix TZ57/TZ70 camera!