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Tivo to 720p MP4 Converter – Stream Tivo HD XL/Premiere XL4 recordings to TV on Mac

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TiVo, the professional digital video recorder, is created for the people who have no time to focus on a live show or a Movie in a long time. After you recorded it, you may choose to get it streamed to TV for playing. However, due to the format compatibility, you may meet the problem below:

I have a TiVo HD XL in one room and a TiVo Premiere XL4 in another. They both have the same Media Access Keys and they can transfer from one to the other. – how to download the tivo to PC? I use Toast TiVo Transfer to download HD Movies from my TiVos, but the downloading doesn’t always work.

transfer tivo to tv
To solve the problem with enjoying TiVo videos on TV, we had better to convert Tivo HD XL/TiVo Premiere XL4 recoreded TiVo to more popular video like MP4 that TV can recognize. And the conversion can’t be more simple if you have get a Mac Tivo to TV Converter. Here an easy-to-use yet efficient tool-Pavtube Tivo Converter for Mac is highly recommended. It provides super-fast converting speed and high quality output video. Furthermore, it can compress your Tivo to smaller size to fit your TV’s screen, which can save your much worry. This guide will show you how to convert donwload and transfer Tivo from Tivo HD XL/TiVo Premiere XL4 for playing with TV on Mac successfully and quickly.

Part I. Transfer Tivo recordings to Mac

Before transcoding TiVo files, you need to transfer recorded TiVo from Tivo HD XL/TiVo Premiere XL4 to your Mac. To transfer TiVo shows to Mac, you need to use a TiVo Desktop Software for Mac or Toast TiVo Transfer as above. When your TiVo is connected to your home network, a list of available shows wiil be ready to be transferred to your Mac. here is a video tutorial how to copy TiVo Recordings to mac Using Roxio Toast.

Part II. Convert Tivo recordings to 720p MP4 for TV

After transfer TiVo files to your Mac, you can free download the Mac TiVo to TV Converter. Install and run the application. Do as follows.

Step 1. Import TiVo to the program.

First click “Option” button, enter Media Access Key.

Tivo option

Then, load TiVo files to the TiVo to TV Converter on Mac,click top left two icons to load individual videos or load the entire folder.

If you want, you can merge several Tivo clips by ticking “Merge into one file” box. Note if the supposed size of the input files is 1GB, then the memory space should be up to 40GB

Step 2. Choose best format for streaming and playing on TV

From “Format” drop-down list, select suitable format from “TVs” for playing Tivo footage on TV.

Of course, you can also upload Tivo videos to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook for sharing, to FCP for editing and to MPEG format for more use.


Optional – You can also click “Settings” to change the output video bitrate, frame rate, size, etc. all according to your needs. Here, you can choose a smaller video size like “1280*720″ from the “Size” dropdown list to get a 720p .mp4 file.
get a 720p .mp4 file

Step 3. Start TiVo shows to TV mp4 conversion on Mac.

When everything is done, click the “Convert” button at the bottom-right corner to finish the conversion.

While you wait,have a coffee or take a nap and let HD Video Converter for Mac do the work in the background. After conversion, you can click “Open” to find the output .mp4 file, then you can transfer the video files to TV for playback smoothly via USB.

Just enjoy and watch Tivo HD XL/TiVo Premiere XL4 recoreded TiVo files with TV in high quality now, just have a try!