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Upload AVCHD MTS/M2TS Videos to Youtube/Vimeo on Mac?

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First of all, I wonder if you have the hobby of sharing videos or some footage on YouTube or Vimeo? Surely, it is hot if you indeed shot some attractive videos which can get hit online, so cool, right? But usually, these two website cannot support the videos with incompatible format, MTS/M2TS is the typical one. So how to nicely enjoy our MTS/M2TS movies on  YouTube and Vimeo has become the hard job, right? Additionally, it is not so smoothly for us to edit in NELs, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.


‘I shot some MTS footage about my son’s football match, I would like to share the videos on YouTube, but it seems it cannot accept the footage smoothly. Should I change my MTS files for another step? Any good solutions there? Thanks a lot!’

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No matter for YouTube or Vimeo, as the specialty of AVCHD MTS/M2TS files, we highly recommend you a MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac (Read Review)/Windows to do you a favor. Not only this program can smoothly get rid of the trouble but also it has the other functional usage. Stable capacity or easy operation? Let’s see how it works here:

Two individual output choices of YouTube and Vimeo you can take as reference below:
When you load your files in this program with the ‘Add’ button, tick on the clips what you want on the list. On the output list, you can choose the ‘Flash Video’>>’FLV H.264 (*.flv)’ for YouTube like this:


For Vimeo, you should select this item, ‘HD Video’>>’AVI HD Video(*.avi)’ as the most compatible one.


Most of you guys must have the desire of a further editing with your output videos, right? On the main interface, ‘Edit’ is waiting for you. ‘Trim’ to decide where to start and where to end, ‘Crop’ to cut some unwanted clips, ‘Subtitles’ to add some explanations to your audience.


After you have finished your preparation job, just go back to the main interface to click the ‘Convert’ button, you can start your conversion job.  Upload your MTS movies to YouTube or Vimeo is exactly not an easy job. However, with this third-party MTS/M2TS Converter, no worries about it any more!