At the pool 1

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At the pool 1

There was no one left in the pool They"d all finished. Just over an hour . Just over an hour of laps. It may not be Olympic, but for me it was an exertion. I pulled out from the pool. My hands clutched to the side. A thrust upward. The water rolled from my back. Drips fell from my chest and hips to my toes.

The chlorine filled my nostrils, my lungs. My chest heaved. I jerked my head backward and swung the water from my hair. My hands fell on my pecs. My fingers grazed my nipples. There was no one to watch. " My hands fell to my waist , to the cord of my speedos. They pressed inward, inside to my dick: hot and trembling and shriveled tight above my shrunken balls. My fingers pressed up beneath them. Oh, the delight, the heat, the tiredness the exhaustion. They wanted a to stir them to life.
But I was alone.

Into the showers. There was a small vestibule to the mens" real forced anal against her will showers. A little xnxxv sunny leone video enclosure that secured a blind spot and a privacy between the doorway and the shower area.
I paused again. I bend at the knee in fatigue. My hands found their way again to my inside my suit. How the heat, and the fire in my weary muscles called out.
Then, then I heard a muffled sound. I stopped. Would someone see me?
I froze.
Then, I heard the sound again: an uncertain sound.
Slowly I moved to the edge of the curtaining wall. I looked carefully around it.
Coming into the shower were two swimmers. I had seen them earlier in the pool.
Ahead was a young man, perhaps in late twenties. He was tall, light haired texturally muscled with rounded shoulders and full hips. Behind, a somewhat older man, dark and a bit gray. He was hairy chested with knurled bones and thick limbs.

The younger man stopped, his back to the older. Slowly he began to lower his speedo.
Slowly he brought it down under his ass cheeks. The darker, older man stopped short.
Then the younger bent forward. He bent and lowered his speedo to the floor. And, for a moment, he stayed there. Stayed there as if offering his ass to the man behind him.
The sight of that rounded white skin sent a shock through my body and in a moment my cock was upright hard.
Still, the young man remained. The older did not stir. But, there was a look in his face that recognized the waiting delight.
The light haired young man finally stood upright. He turned on the shower. His back still to the darker man who, did not move.
The young man took the soap that was on the ledge and slowly began to lather himself.

Still the darker man did not move. But " wait. Yes. Yes. The rounded bulge at his crotch had indeed transformed. There was now in the place of placid roundness a distinct rod pressing against the fabric.
The young man turned. The water flowed in graceful arcs from his ample shoulders across his pink white chest. It dripped from his nipples and channeled into his sunken navel. From there it entered the forest of his gold brown hairs. There below, a delicate limp penis poked its fleshy head from the depth of his crotch.

"Don't move," the older man muttered. "Don't move. I"ve never seen anything so beautiful". With those words he fell to his knees before the young man.
The water continued to flow over this shimmering Adonis as he gently swayed from side to side allowing the stream to shower over every curve of his gentle muscle.
The older man crept towards his god. His hands reached up and clutched the sides of the young man's hips. Water splashed onto his face as the older man's lips came close to that flaccid yet solid pink tipped cock.

"For me," he muttered, "you do this for me?"
And with that, his lips closed around that firm rod of manhood, firm yet not extended. Firm yet delectable.
"Yes, for you!" the young man cried as his hands grasped the head of his lover and he thrust himself deeper and tighter into that devouring mouth.

My own cock could hold no more. Suddenly of its own, I felt the heat of my own cum pulsing from my dick head and spurting on my legs. In weakness I collapsed to the floor.

I don't know how much time transpired, but the next I remember, I saw the two of them again naked and upright.
The younger man sported a cock that, thin and exceptionally long, rose upright to his stomach. The darker man a weapon that was thick but short and heavy and flung out straight before him. Each played with the tool of the other. Fluttering, pulling, releasing, snapping. Then tongues fell upon them. First one, then the other. Sucking, licking.

"now" cried out the young man. "Now". "I want to fuck you. Fuck you hard!. Fuck you up into your ass so you feel it in your throat>"

"Yes," cried the older,."Oh yes, fuck, fuck me, Put that beautiful pink rod up .
I'm waiting".
And with that he layed himself on his back, threw his legs into the air and parted his ass cheeks with his hands.
In a second the young man was upon him, in less he was in him, - in him to the hilt of his cock. Pounding, pounding "
"Fuck me, fuck me," the older man yelled. His ball sack riding high between his legs, his hard on cock pressed against his stomach " the younger man's groin pressed against him, the curves of his muscled stomach pressing down that , short cock.

"Now, now " the older man yelled. "now! " and streams of cum shot from his and splattered on his chest and above to the writing stomach of the young man.
"Yes, yes" the younger one echoed. And as I watched his most violent thrust as though into the throat of the older man. I knew too that he had come. Had spent himself - ]
And the young man fell limp and exhausted, pink and sweaty and white, in the deep mounds and valleys of those young muscled limbs.