Clandestine Reserve Affair

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Clandestine Reserve Affair

Saturday, The First Weekend, Chapter 1 of 6

Captain Wilkes, her first name Betsy, walked into the Battalion Headquarters toward the Commanders office with some reports to give him. All the other staff had departed for the day and there was no one else in the building. The hallway lights were out and only the Commanders light was on. Captain Wilkes knocked politely on the door and announced her arrival. The Battalion Commander, Lt. Colonel Justin Vance, stepped out of the closet room attached to his office. He had taken his BDU (Battle Dress Uniform - the camouflage uniform) shirt off as he was going to relax over some paper work before leaving for the day, and his strong arms and broad shoulders stood out as the Captain remained there at the doorway waiting to be invited in. ?Come in Captain,? the Commander invited, ? I was not intending to see you until tomorrow morning for those reports I asked for.?

Captain Wilkes entered the office and walked around the Commanders desk to place the reports on his desk, in front of him, as he sat in his large office chair. ?I got the information you wanted and thought I would show it to you tonight,? she said as she stood next to him and started to turn the pages as she explained the information. She could feel her leg pressing against his and occasionally her hand would brush across his arm as they both tried turning the pages at the same time. The sexual tension was thick as the contact became more frequent. She did not know that her perfume and body smell was having such an effect on the commander. She did not know that he was having a hard time concentrating on the reports in front of him because his attention was more focused on her face, her lips and her neck. What she did know was that she was getting hot as well as her hand brushed across his arm and her thigh was burning at the place where his leg was brushing against hers. ?It is hot in here,? she complained as the briefing moved on.

?I can open a window,? the Commander suggested, ?Or you can take off your BDU shirt.?

?Why don?t you open the window?? she said and he moved to the window and opened two of them. To his /surprise/">surprise, when he turned around, she had taken off her BDU shirt and her nipples were pressing boldly through her army tshirt...obviously without a bra on. He sat down again and the explanation continued. This time the contact was more obvious and she allowed her hand to rest on his arm between explanations of the reports. He had to shift in his chair to allow his enlarging cock to get into a better position and was no longer concentrating on her words, but on her lips...wondering how they would feel and taste.

The briefing was nearing an end and he pushed back from the desk as she continued to explain the reports. As she leaned over his desk his eyes took in her back, her hips and her ass. She could feel his eyes on her back and ass and she knew that his mind was no longer on the reports. The realization of what he was concentrating on caused her to start throbbing. It was all she could do to finish the reports as her mind struggled to stay focused while her pussy started aching. She finished talking and there was silence. She stood there without moving at first knowing that the eyes of the commander were taking in her back and ass and hips.

?If you have no further questions that concludes my presentation,? she said as she turned around and sat on the edge of his desk. He is sitting back in his chair with his legs slightly apart, an obvious bulge in just the right place. Her eyes locked onto the bulge as he said something about being too stressed out to give her reports the attention they deserved. ?I?m sorry you are having to work so hard,? she sympathized with him as she licked her lips at the though of that /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock moving into her mouth.

?Just have not been able to relax these days,? he said and shifted awkwardly in the chair, making the bulge more obvious, and his eyes locked on the nipples pressing through the t-shirt.

?I have something to make you relax,? she cooed as she started to pull her t-shirt out of her pants. He was mesmerized as he watched this foxy captain pull her t-shirt up to expose her breasts. His cock is straining against the material of his pants. She moved to straddle his thighs as she lifted the t-shirt over her shoulders and dropped it onto the floor. Betsy sat on his lap massaging the bulge in his pants as she strokes one breast with the other hand. All he can do is pant with pleasure as her hand massaged the bulge in his pants and watches her other hand play with her nipples. She leaned forward to kiss his mouth and slipped her tongue inside his mouth as his hands moved up to stroke her sides and massage her breasts. Her kiss becomes more passionate as she feels his hands moving on her breasts. She sits up and pulls his head and face to her chest, placing his mouth on one nipple and massaging his neck and back as he sucks hungrily on that tit. From one nipple to another he moved as her throbbing increases. She xxx scooted forward into his lap so her hips straddle his cock and begins to dry hump the bulge in his pants as he continuers to nurse on her nipples, then she pushed him back in his chair and rides his cock as her hands rest on his strong shoulders. ?You seem to be very tense,? Betsy chided and then stepped back off of his lap, spreads his legs and kneels between his thighs. She unbuckled his belt and slowly unbuttons the fly of his pants, then reached inside to find a huge swollen cock. Without moving it she gently stroked the shaft and then pulls it out...standing it straight to stroke the shaft and gently rub her fingers over the head. Justin is in a trance as he watched her hands work wonders on his cock. He knows what is coming and rests his head back on the chair in anticipation of what she is about to do next. He feels her hand stroke the shaft up and down and then the most wonderful warm feeling as her mouth takes in the head of his cock...not moving, just taking the head into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it, and then slightly sucking on it. His hands massage her shoulders and presses against the back of her head as he gently thrusts his cock up into her mouth. ?Give it to me,? she whispers lustfully? and begins bobbing her head up and down to meet his gentle thrusts. Then he is still and she begins going all the way down on his cock and then sucking her way up to the head. She pulls her mouth off of his cock and looks him in the eyes porn videos download as she stands his cock upright and treats him to a full view of her tongue swirling on the head of his cock. She squeezes the shaft and milks a drip of pre cum to the head and then slurps it up with her lips.

? I have more to make you lose some of your tension,? she whispered as she stood up , unbuttoned her pants and dropped them to her ankles, leaving her boots on. Slowly she slipped her panties off of her hips and moved them down past her knees. She sits back on the desk and then lays down on it, pulling her knees up to her chest. What a view as she moves one hand down between her thighs to stroke the lips of her pussy and finger herself as he watches from the chair.

Justin can sit still no longer and moves out of his chair to kneel there at his desk, placing his mouth on her pussy. She pulls her knees up higher as he feasted on her pussy, licking up and down the full length of it and nibbling on her clit as his mouth moves over it. He slips a finger inside her, then two, and began to finger fuck her as he nibbled and licked her clit. She is so wet and throbbing as his mouth and tongue played inside her pussy. She loves the feel of his fingers sliding in and out of her, but wants to have more of him inside her.

?Stand up,? Betsy commanded Justin, knowing that his cock will be in just the right position to slide into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. He finished licking her clit and then stood up, holding her legs as he watched the head of his cock rest in the folds of her pussy, knowing that all he has to do is lean forward slightly and he will glide inside of her. Slowly he pressed against her and watched as his flesh disappeared inside her, more and more he pressed inside until he was sliding the entire shaft in and out of her pussy. She is massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples as she lay there with the fleshy shaft of his cock gliding against the hot lips of her pussy. The throbbing inside her pussy is tremendous as his stroking increased, his ball gently slapping against her ass as he began fucking her had. She knows that she is on the verge of cumming as the fucking continues. His fucking got faster and she sensed that he is close to a /climax/">climax as well. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around the shaft as it glides in and out of her, applying pressure to herself in the right place as well. There is no telling who started moaning as his balls began to spasm with pleasure and his fucking became more intense as contractions began deep inside her pussy. He moaned with pleasure as jets of /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum began to shoot inside her and spasms of pleasure racked her body as she felt that hot cum shooting inside her. Soon they are both still and the last drops of cum oozed into her pussy. Justin stood there as his cock grew limp and then pulled out of her. Betsy?s pussy lips are pink, swollen and glistening with cum. He knelt again and began to slurp up the combination of passion oozing from her love canal. Again, he slipped two fingers inside her as he lapped and it was not long before her pussy began to quake again, squeezing the fingers sliding inside her. It is all she can do to hold her legs up to her chest as she climaxed hard against his tongue and fingers. Such pleasure she has never known as he continued to eat her. He seemed to gain energy as he continued to licked her clit.

?Put your cock inside me again,? Betsy begged. Justin stood again and pressed his semi hard cock into her and with a couple of thrusts is fully hand and pressing inside her. This time there is no hesitation and he begins /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-her-pussy/">fucking her pussy hard and deep. Without having to think about cumming too soon he bangs his balls against her as. Her legs are tired from holding this position so long and she begged him to turn her over. Justin pulled out and stood her up, kissing her passionately as his hands massage the checks of her ass. He turned her around to face the desk and reached around to cup her breasts and squeeze her nipples as his rock hard cock pressed into her back. After kissing her shoulders and neck for a minute he pushes her down onto the desk, her breasts pressed against the reports they had just gone over. She felt him spread the checks of her ass and press the head of his cock into her pussy. ?Give it to me hard,? she begged him as he started to thrust in and out of her, his hands massaging her ass as his cock reams her /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy. She held the edge of the desk as he fucked her hard, but she was not satisfied. ?Come on,? she commanded, ?give it to me,? and his pace quickened. Soon moans of pleasure began to erupt from deep within him as he felt another measure of cum beginning to flow through him. Long deep thrusts accompanied the climax and she felt her pussy quiver and tingle as another deep climax flooded through her hot body. Justin stood there as his cock grew limp and then slipped out of her pussy. He rest his cock on the top of her ass between her checks and watched the last of the cum drool out onto her tender flesh. Slowly she pushed herself up to stand and then turned to kneel before her commander. She took his cock into her mouth and drained the last drops of cum from him before dressing to leave. A deep passionate kiss, long lasting, ends the office call.

The next day there is an e-mail on Captain Wilkes?s computer. It is from the commander. ?You did a great job on those reports. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. I will be down to your office to inspect some of your key areas and go over some of the information you gave me last night...will not be able to get there until after the close of business...sorry to keep you late...I am sure you understand.?

And the throbbing began as Captain Wilkes surveyed her office and wondered where and how she would have the commander?s full attention.

To be continued...