Neighbor Yellow

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Neighbor Yellow

 I had always believed my life would suck until one day three weeks ago. I had grown up being a nerd, dork, doof, whatever you want to call people like me. I went through high school without a date, let alone getting laid. Which meant I spent a great amount of time in my room with various porn subscriptions.

So on this day I just so happened to be walking home from the library, when I saw Mrs. Gracey, my neighbor. She was walking a few /feet/">feet ahead of me, wearing a tight yellow cardigan and skinny white pants. Her legs looked endless in a pair of yellow high heeled sandals. I found myself staring at the back on her head, covered in long, thick black hair and my eyes drifting south. Her ass looked perfect, just how a woman's ass should be. It was round, but not big, and I could just imagine how firm it would be.

"Mrs. Gracey!", I called, acting casual. She turned, and upon seeing me, smiled.
"Hello Drake, my dear. Come walk with me."
I ran a bit to catch up with her.
"So are you headed home?" she questioned.
"Yes, from the library. I was studying."
"But you do realize it's the summer?" she asked.
"Um, yes. Early start on /college/">college I suppose" I replied, realizing how dorky I sounded.
"Well, that's very good of you. I'm going home as well."

She looked directly into my eyes, and I felt my knees go weak. "Mr. Gracey is out of town and I need help with a few things. Would you be interested in coming over?"
I wasn't sure what she meant by 'things' but I was not going to argue. old waman xxxgx "Of course, no problem."
"Great," she smiled again.

Mrs. Gracey was probably nearing 40, but she had the body of a 20 year old. Occasionally I would see her out by her pool when I was mowing the lawn. After, I would need to go inside and whack off to her barely-clothed body.

I followed her into her house, which smelled of her perfume. /sweet/">sweet and spicy. We went up the stairs, and in the hallway she turned around.
"Drake, I have something to confess..." she began.
"Yes, Mrs. Gracey?" I asked, willing her to continue.
"Call me Christine. But what I would like to confess is that the thing I need help with is personal pleasure."

I was really hoping she was talking about what I was imagining.
"You see, Mr. Gracey cannot fully pleasure me anyway, but now he isn't even here to help a bit. But you are a young boy with a strong drive, I think you could really help."
Her talking about this made my dick stiffin in my pants. YES YES YES!
"Okay," I said simply.

Christine began to unbutton her cardigan, exposing her perfect, C-cup breasts. The first /tits/real-tits/">real tits I had ever seen in my life.
"Touch them," she said.

I reached over and grabbed them both, squeezing a bit. She moaned in response. I traced her nipples with my fingers, and it made them harden. As I played with her breasts, she unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off. She stepped back.
"Let's move this into the bedroom."

As she walked to the bedroom she began removing clothing. First her shoes, then pants. She sat bokep sma pecah perawan on the bed wearing just a tiny yellow /thong/">thong. I was in my boxers and a green plaid button up.
She took off my shirt for me, and kissed my chest. Then, she looked up and placed a wet yet passionate kiss onto my lips. I wrapped my arms around her and we made out. She eventually broke away and laid down on the bed. She pulled off her thong and spread her legs.
"/fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard," she said.

I pulled off my boxers while she threw her head back, waiting for the pleasure. Close up, her cunt looked amazing. There were pink folds with a bit of red in the middle and a clear liquid dripping out and onto the bed. Each time she took a breath more liquid would drip out. I positioned myself like I had seen in movies and prepared to enter her.
I pushed in the head, and Christine screamed.

"Ohh, fuck! What the fuck did you stick in me?" she cried. She opened her eyes and looked down and my partially enveloped dick. "Holy shit! You're /hung/">hung like a fucking elephant!" She pulled my cock out of her and grabbed it, sending shockwaves throughout my body.
"I never imagined a kid like you having such a /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock. It's the biggest one I've seen!"
My dick was about 10 in. long and almost 5 in. thick. I had never though of it as bigger than average, but apparently it was.
"Okay, fuck me now, but go slow."

We tried again, and I pressed the head of my dick into her slowly. She moaned in both pleasure and pain as I pushed in a bit deeper. I could feel the precum dripping thickly from my cock. Christine thrursted upward, which I was not expecting, and my /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick was inside her tiny twat. I felt my balls tighten and my load shot into her before I could even stop it. I groaned loadly and she screamed.
"How could you cum already? We haven't even started!"

The cum dripped out onto her bed, and I felt my dick going soft. Christine rolled on top of me. She began rocking her hips, making me cringe because I was still so sensitive. She started going faster, getting off on my limp cock. I finally felt myself get hard again as she bounced around. She moaned loudly, her tits smacking up and down. I could feel the cum building up in my testes again and knew I was about to blow. "Yes, yes! I'm gonna cum so hard!" she cried, and then started vibrating. Her face went slack but I could feel her clit twitching on my dick. I sent me into a frenzy as I blew another load into her. She pulled off when her orgasm ended and a huge volume of cum splattered onto the floor.
"Thank you," she said.