Midnight Market

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Midnight Market

Some time after the visit I detailed in my story, 'The Second Time', David called to invite Gwen and me to join them and two male friends for a Friday afternoon of sexual fun. We had become firm friends with David and Gloria and had had many good times with them. Gwen was excited about the prospect of adding to the mix and I loved watching her with other men so we eagerly accepted.

"Put the speaker phone on, there's something else you should both hear," David said and continued. "Gloria and I are members at a sex club, it's an upscale place called, 'Arouse,' we think you are ready to join and would like to be your sponsors. The last Friday of every month is for married couples only and features something different. Knowing your tastes we feel you will both be interested. The owner/operators of the club are a couple named Remy and Britt, really nice people, with an interest in charities. They developed an auction to raise money while also having a good time. Wives are auctioned off to the highest bidder or bidders in what is called, 'Midnight Market'. It's light-hearted, a lot fun and very horny. Over the seven years since its introduction charities have benefitted to the tune of thousands, all given anonymously to avoid any controversy from the anal retentive and narrow-minded. There's more to it but I don't want to give everything away. Arrive at our place around two; we'll have about three hours with Guy and Josh then after they leave its dinner and on to the club. What do you think?"

I looked at Gwen who was smiling and nodding enthusiastically so I told David we would see them at two on Friday afternoon.

"Oh, I almost forgot; its cash only so make sure to bring a few bills, you wouldn't want to miss a bargain." Gloria wanted to talk to Gwen so I turned off the speaker phone and left them to chat.

The wipers slapped rain from the windshield as Gwen and I drove to David and Gloria's. Harry Chapin drove his 'Taxi' around Frisco on the radio and I recalled when I'd first heard the song so many years before. I thought again how tragic it was that he died so young, much like Buddy Holly, John Lennon and many others and wondered what great music they never got to share with tell us.

Gwen unbuttoned her raincoat and I glanced across at the generous expanse of stocking-clad leg she had exposed. We rarely had sex where she was naked except for the shower or hot tub. She loved to dress in erotic clothing and lingerie and I loved to see her that way. The outfit she was wearing was one of my favourites; a white, silk blouse and a very short, tight, black skirt. Underneath, a half-cup bra forced her breasts against the silk, hardening her nipples and I could guarantee that the sliver of a thong was already damp. A garter belt held up her black nylons and stiletto heels completed her horny ensemble. I reached across and caressed her knees, she turned briefly towards me, smiled and opened her legs as far as the tight skirt would allow. My hand meandered to the top of her stockings and I felt the softness of her naked inner thighs. When I reached her thong it was indeed damp and she sighed with pleasure when I rubbed her there.

The rain had slackened by the time we arrived at David and Gloria's and before getting out of the car I leaned over and kissed Gwen. I fondled her erect nipples and pussy that was super wet and she rubbed my hard cock through my pants.

"You make me so horny when you dress like this," I said. "Whatever Gloria told you over the phone has sure made you horny, what did she tell you?"

"Afternoon sex followed by an evening at a sex club, what girl wouldn't be excited," she giggled in a girlish way and opened the car door. Before she got out she turned back to me, "Dressing like this for you makes me very horny also, I hope the others like it."

"I don't think there's much fear of that, you look fantastic."

David took our coats and led through to the family room where Gloria sat chatting between two men who looked no older than 30 and were probably younger. Gwen blushed as David introduced Guy and Josh, no doubt self conscious being dressed the way she was in front of these men younger than our own sons. I gave David a piercing stare and he asked me to help him get drinks and we went off to the kitchen.

"I know," he began, "they're young, it's one of Gloria's little indulgences but I'm sure Gwen and you won't be disappointed. Both are well hung and know how to use what they've got. Unlike us old farts, they can stay rock hard for hours and with ladies like ours, who like a lot of cock, they do present certain advantages."

"I wondered why she has been so horny; it's the prospect of being screwed by a couple of hot, young studs," I replied.

"Just enjoy it, you like to watch her having sex and these boys can really lay the pipe to her," David said with a grin and we headed back to the family room with the refreshments.

My wife was sitting in a chair opposite Gloria and the two men with her legs crossed. Her skirt had ridden up exposing her stocking tops and garter straps and judging by the leers, the lads liked what they saw. I sat on the arm of the chair and after a few minutes Gloria got to her feet and approached me.

"I need your expertise," she announced. "My computer is awfully slow; could you take a quick look at it? I'll slip into something a little more comfortable while you're doing it, I'm sure Gwen won't mind being alone with three men."

My the wwwxxx wife blushed again and I followed Gloria upstairs to her home office. She went to change and I fired up the computer. I quickly found the problem and ran a few more checks before Gloria joined me and stood at my shoulder. She was wearing what amounted to a length of leather strap. It wound around her /tits/big-tits/">big tits and on either side of her pussy leaving everything nicely exposed. Attached garters kept the fishnet stockings in place and the bright red stilettos were an instant turn-on for me. I finished my checks and moved a hand over her ass, caressing and squeezing the soft mounds of flesh.

"Gwen is really looking forward to tonight. We spoke in the week and she said she had been thinking about my two young studs constantly," Gloria said as she bent over and unzipped my pants.

"Funny, I've never thought of her being a cougar before but now I've had time to think about it I'm quite excited about seeing her getting fucked by your young bucks."

"I can see you are," she said as she took out my fully erect cock and began to gently jerk it. She knelt down, "Oh my, you are excited," she sighed and her mouth slid over my cock. I pushed her hair back and held her head with both hands watching her mouth and tongue work over my dick and balls. She straddled my lap, facing me, and rubbed her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy back and forth over my erection while out tongues probed each others mouths.

"Your computer's back up to speed, let's go back downstairs and join the others before I shoot my load," I said.

Gloria reluctantly slid off my lap and played with my cock as I shut the computer down then we made our way downstairs. A very erotic site greeted us when we walked into the family room. Gwen was sitting on the couch between Guy and Josh, their pants around their ankles, and was jerking their large and very erect penises. David stood naked on the couch between her legs that were spread wide and resting over the young men's legs. He held her head and his hips thrust back and forth feeding his /cock/big-cock/">big cock into her mouth. Her blouse was undone almost all the way and her skirt was up around her waist. The young men alternated mauling her tits and fingering her pussy.

"Well, they didn't waste any time," Gloria commented with a laugh, "let's get you out of your clothes."

She helped me undress then knelt and sucked my dick while I watched my wife servicing the three men. I noticed how her hands danced up and down the big erections, squeezing, rubbing and jerking. She cupped their balls and gently massaged them before moving back up the shafts to caress the underside of their knobs and tease their piss holes with her thumb and forefinger. They were incredibly hard, thick and long and I realised I had been hasty in taking a negative view of their age. I was now eager to see Gwen fucked by these young men, I wanted to watch them have their way with her and pound into her mature, wet pussy and bring her to orgasm.

Guy and Josh both had fingers between Gwen's legs, alternating probing her pussy and exciting her clit. The transferred their cream-covered digits into her mouth on either side of David's cock and she sucked greedily. David then stepped down and pulled her forward onto the edge of the couch and his tongue found her clit. The two young men stood and removed the rest of their clothing. Their cocks jutted out at a forty-five degree angle and looked rock hard. They climbed onto the couch on either side of my wife and steered their cocks into her mouth. Gloria got on her hands and knees and I entered her from behind just as my wife gagged through her first orgasm.

David stood and lifted Gwen's legs back; his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock hovered over her pussy for a moment then sank into her. From her position, Gloria had a perfect view of her husband's cock ramming into my wife and I soon felt the hot gush of her orgasm flood over my erection as she moaned and forced herself back against me. We changed positions, Gloria lay on her back and Josh straddled her face and she eagerly sucked his dick. He leaned forward between Gwen's legs as Guy mounted Gloria and David and I sat on either side of Gwen. David and I mauled my wife's tits and alternated kissing her while she fondled our erections. Josh adjusted Gwen's ass a little to enable me to see as he spread her labia apart with his thumbs and exposed her erect clitoris. He extended his tongue and I watched as it teased and tormented her to a noisy climax. Gloria moaned, "Yes, oh god yes," constantly as Guy slammed into her.

Suddenly Gwen panted, "I want to go upstairs, I want to be fucked on the bed."

We disentangled and made our way to the bedroom. Gloria lay back and Guy immediately climbed on top of her. Gwen removed her blouse and wriggled out of her skirt and lay next to Gloria spreading her legs ready for Josh to mount her. For the next hour or so David and I watched and photographed our wives with these two young men as they screwed in many positions and combinations. Guy shot a copious load of thick cum over Gwen's pussy as she spread it open for him. He rubbed his cock through it and entered her again fucking for another fifteen minutes before he was spent. Josh splashed his load onto Gloria's tits and into her mouth then she sucked every last drop from his softening erection.

Guy and Josh left just before five and we freshened up before going out to dinner. On the way to the restaurant we passed the cameras around to look at the photographs, "I could certainly go for some more of that real soon," Gwen said, "my pussy is still tingling."

"I knew you would enjoy it, their cocks are so hard and they fuck like the Eveready Bunny, they just keep going and going," Gloria joked.

We had a nice meal then went on to the club. Gwen and I had never been to a sex club before and were not sure what to expect. We became members through David and Gloria's sponsorship then Gwen went with Gloria to the women's locker room and I went with David to the men's. It was compulsory for men to be naked, women could wear lingerie and other erotic attire providing their breasts, bottoms and pussies were exposed. I felt self conscious as I left the locker room but soon adjusted since everyone else was naked or near-naked and many of the men had strong erections.

The main floor area had a well-stocked bar, large booths, coffee tables surrounded by easy chairs and a dance floor. The lighting was subdued and the slow, moody music had several couples dancing and fondling. Outlines of couples in various sexual positions hung on the walls. I was surprised that the age range of the couples appeared to be from the early twenties to mid sixties. Most were white but I did see two black couples and an oriental couple. We found a booth and a scantily-clad young lady took our drinks order. The drinks arrived and I scanned the room. Things were heating up on the dance floor; several ladies slowly masturbated their partner's cocks as they moved around sensually.

David pointed to a couple to my right in the easy chairs; the woman's legs were splayed over the arms of her chair and the man was finger fucking her rapidly. Her moans grew louder until she climaxed noisily to the approval of those nearby who cheered and applauded. Gwen's hand moved over my crotch and rubbed my already-aroused dick. My hand found her pussy and teased her clit and we masturbated each other as we watched the sexual goings on about us and were also being watched. David and Gloria were not to be left behind and soon she was sucking on his stiff cock. Two young couples came over to our booth and stood watching us. The ladies gave us seductive stares as they jerked their men and were fondled in return. wwwxxx

The speed of Gwen's hand on my erection increased, she was obviously turned-on by what she was seeing around her. Gloria stopped blowing David, spread her legs and exposed her pussy to the audience. David quickly inserted some fingers and we watched one another for several minutes.

I was becoming very aroused by all this foreplay and heard myself saying, "Why don't you join us for a while."

With four on each side of the table, female, male, female, male we still had room to move and soon we were exploring one another. The slim, dark-haired young lady next to me teased my dick in a delicious way with her delicate hand, gently squeezing, twisting and caressing that had me as hard as I could be. After roaming over her tits and pinching her erect nipples my hand wandered between her legs. Her labia lips and clitoris were huge and I had to summon all of my will power not to cum all over her hand as I pulled, flicked, rubbed and probed her.

Gwen's hand was wrapped around a sizeably, uncut dick with a large knob while its owner worked on her pussy as their tongues fought a duel. David's new friend, a very young-looking red-haired lady, was very interested in his big cock and used both hands to fondle it and his nuts as he played with her crotch. After masturbating each other, Gloria sat on her partner's lap with her hands planted on the table and wriggled onto his cock. She shuddered quickly to a climax as she stared at my side of the table and the man withdrew.

"We get off on older people," my slim friend said with a smile as they prepared to leave, "hope to see you upstairs later, I'm Lisa."

"What did she mean?" I asked David when they were gone.

"The auction takes place in a special room upstairs. If she's for auction you'll be able to bid on her."

The thought of exploring that pussy further with my fingers, mouth and dick did nothing to ease my raging hard-on.

We ordered another round, swapped partners and fondled on the dance floor until an announcement informed that all ladies wanting to be in the auction should proceed upstairs. I looked at my watch and it was twenty minutes past eleven. Our wives looked at us then each other and made their way across the dance floor to the stairs.

"I thought it didn't start until midnight," I queried David.

"Ah, that's one of the things I didn't tell you. Before the auction every potential bidder gets a chance to check out the merchandise on sale in the 'Gallery.'