My best friend Jase

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My best friend Jase

It had been months since I had been in his house. Our last meeting hadnt been on the best of terms. I mean, its not easy getting accused of sleeping with your /friend/best-friend/">best friends /girlfriend/">girlfriend.

"You have some nerve showing up here" he hissed at me as he open the door. He had seen it was me through the eye piece, and the fact that he still opened the door told me he either wanted drama or that he actually did want to see me.
"Hi" I said sarcastically.

"What are you doing here anyway? Come to lie to me some more?"
"Yes, theres something about lying to you that I thoroughly enjoy"
"Dont be a smartass"

He was being so dramatic that I was finding it impossible not to be a sarcastic /asshole/">asshole.
"I actually wanted to tell you something" I said. This was it, it was time to out myself. Even though he was my best friend, and this issue shouldnt even BE an issue in this day and age, the lump in my throat was telling me that I could lose him forever for simply uttering the three words.
"I am gay"

He looked at me with a confused face. Then he let out a snort of laughter. Then back to confused again.
"What kind of gay?" He stupidly asked.

I began to be impatient with his response to my outing.
"What the fuck does that mean, Jase? Im gay, I like dick, what other gay is there?"

He stood there stunned, then he invited me inside. I dont know if this was his way of saying "Ok cool" or if he just wanted to beat the shit out of me whilst no one could see, but for some reason, I just felt safer going inside.
Its not that Jason was homophobic, in fact, when people were homophobic around him, he discouraged them from continuing. Its just, he didnt know anyone that was gay, well he knew me, but he didnt know I was gay.
He smiled at me, his hazel eyes looked relieved, probably because now he believed that I didnt fuck his girlfriend. Ex... Girlfriend.

She was long gone, because even if I hadnt fucked her, lord knows she was going around like a dubie at Coachella.
"Since when?" He asked, now intrigued.
"Since we were 18 and the fact that my best friend couldnt pick it is very disappointing" I said as we both laughed.
We were 19 now, he had some years to work this out.

"Want to watch the footy?" He changed the subject, which worked out fine for me.
I could tell the news of my homosexuality was still racing around his mind but I ignored it, if he didnt want to talk to me for months then he didnt deserve to ask me questions.
"Have you had sex with a guy?" He had broken the silence with such a personal question.
"Do you really want to know that?"

"That means yes. Is it any different from a girl? Wait... Have you even been with a girl? How do you know you dont like it?"
He was so ignorant it was embarrassing.
I ignored him and he suddenly got the message that he was being inappropriate.

"I thought I was gay when I was 18" he confessed. "Mum told me it was a phase"
"And was it?" I questioned.
"Im not gay, maybe Im bi, I dont really know, Ty"

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked and I rested my hand on his arm.
He pulled his arm away quickly, "this isnt a counseling session" he muttered as he turned back to the TV.
I rolled my eyes and continued to watch the TV too.

It felt like minutes had gone by without him saying anything but it had only been seconds before opening up to me.
"Its hard... You know, not hard, but confusing. How do you know if youre gay? I like girls, Im pretty sure I like girls, I mean, I get hard when I see a girl naked. But every now and then... And you cant tell anyone, and you cant laugh, but every now and then... I look at /gay/gay-porn/">gay porn. I get a throbbing hard on and I rub myself until I cum. Afterwards, I feel guilty. Do you ever feel like that sometimes?"

He had opened up to me about stuff we had never even thought about discussing with one another. The fact that he had these feelings suddenly made me feel attracted to him in a way I had never felt.
"I dont, I dont think being gay is something to be ashamed about"
"Im not gay" he shouted at me.
"Whatever" I said as I stood up, getting my keys out of my pocket.

"Wait" he said as he stood up and just like that he pressed his lips against mine.
They were warm and soft and I couldnt help but close my eyes and feel the breath from his nose against my upper lip.
"Woah" I said as we pulled away from one another.

"Oh, dude... Look Im so sorry. Fuck" he said as he grabbed his hair with his hands. "Im just confused, its no excuse" he said, now pacing back and forth.
I dont know why but it turned me on watching him stress about such a minor show of affection.
I started to laugh softly, and he stopped pacing and looked at me.

"What is funny about this?" he was suddenly angry.
I felt like being sarcastic again.
"You liked it?" I said, ignoring his prior question.

This just made him more angry. He was frowning. The crease in his brow was covered by his curly brown hair.
I reached forward and kissed him again. Then I smiled.
He looked at me almost furious, but just as I was getting ready to shield myself from a punch, he lunged forward attacking my face with his.

I could feel his lips pushed against mine and the warmth of his wet tongue in my mouth. I was almost instantly hard. We fell onto the couch and his body was above mine.
I rubbed his dick through his pants, but this made him move away.
"Im sorry" I exclaimed as he looked at me, but he put his face into mine and continued to tongue my mouth.

I dont know if it was just because I was really horny or because Jase was a good kisser but stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv I wanted him to rub against me. I white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie wanted him to be inside of me. I immediately became horny.
"Wait" he nervously shouted as he pulled away. "I dont want to do this. I mean, I do, but, I dont want to now... You know what I mean?"
"Not rea-" He cut me off
"I like you. Let me take you out. Let me take you out as a partner. I want to do this, I need to do this."

"First you dont know if youre gay, now you want to be my boyfriend? Youre just asking to fuck up our friendship"
"And fucking wont ruin it? I dont know what I am, all I know is... I want to try this, Im feeling this. My mind is unsure but I just feel right, this feels right Tyler."

I was confused. My last relationship was over 6 months ago, but a relationship with Jason? That was just weird. I mean, how would we explain that to our families, whos house would we move into? WOAH, back it up Tyler... He is asking you on a date not to marry him.
He is your best friend. He is hot. He wants to try this.

"Why the fuck not" I said and we started making out again.