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Making Nature Film from Canon Camera and Upload on Youtube and Vimeo

Making Nature Film from Canon Camera and Upload on Youtube and Vimeo

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Nowadays with the fast development of the Internet video sharing function, more and more video photographers and cameramen prefer to upload their videos on the web. Some mainstream website they would like to post, like Youtube and Vimeo. The content of the videos they could upload without limitation, nature, landscape, architecture, people etc. And the duration of the videos also have no strict requirement. According to those, more and more videos are posted on net. In this article, let’s have a close discussion on how to naturely upload our Canon recordings to YouTube/Vimeo.


But did you find that when you watch some videos, the scenes are very blur that you can’t even see clearly about the details, or some mosaics just appeared when you drag the progress bar. Some bad viewing experience may disturb the eager of the viewers to watch your videos. This is about the video quality. Did you also find that even some of your short videos may cost a very long time to upload? And you can’t just close the upload page unless it finished? How to tackle all those problems? Let’s take videos from Canon C100 as an example

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1, if you want to load your videos on net, you can follow these steps below:
First, you should figure out the supported formats of these two website. Youtube supports *.MOV.*.MPEG4,*. AVI,*.wmv,*.MPEGPS,*.FLV,*.3GPP,*.WebM and Vimeo supports *.ASF,*.ASX,*.AVI,*.DIVX,*.DV,*.DVX,*.M4V etc. Because the video came from Canon C100 is AVCHD (*.MTS), we should convert them into the proper format before uploading them.

First please download this Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac and have a quick install. Second, load them by click “File”>”Add Video /Audio” or directly drag them into this software. After loading your raw videos, click the format bar to choose the output format that video website supported. You can choose “Flash Video’>>’FLV H.264 (*.flv) for YouTube.(Windows version)

While for Vimeo, ‘Common Video’>>’MPEG-2 Video(*.mpg)’ could be the best one.
If you want to make your video have high playback quality just as the original one and shorten the upload time. Then please after choose the output format, click this “Settings” button and comes to this UI. You can adjust your Bit rate and Frame rate or your audio channels as you want. Improve the Bit rate will make the output quality better and reduce the Size will shorten the time. But pay attention to the balance between those settings in case of mosaics. 
After finishing those steps, you can go back to the main UI and hit “Convert”. Then you will have a sharp quality but small size converted video.

2, if you want to import your videos into editing software before uploading, follow these steps:
Directly uploading your converted videos is a good way to share, but most people would like to do some edits on their videos to make them more personally. Or add some effects to let the videos become some short movies. So how do you upload your raw videos into your editors before uploading them on net? Still take videos from Canon C100 as an example while plug FCP as the editor.
First, the same step, download and install this MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac . Then load your videos into this software, click “File” or directly drag are both OK. After doing those steps, click the format bar to choose the output format. Because out target editor is FCP, choose “Final Cut Pro”>”Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)” as your output format. Of course, if yours are Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas, you can find the proper output format by selecting the brand name.

Even with those powerful edit software, if you want to do some simple edits to make the following edit progress much easier, that could be also available with the build-in editor of Pavtube. 

You can go to the “Settings” UI to adjust the Bit rate, Frame rate or the audio channels. If there is no proper option in the drop-down menu, then you can import them manually. But please notice the balance between the Bit rate and Frame rate in case of blur or laggings.
Click this “Pencil” icon to come to this “Edit” UI, trim your video by simply moving those two arrows, crop it and you can adjust the Aspect Ratio , add your own text watermark, change the “Interlaced  to “Progressive ” mode to get a better quality etc. 

After doing all those steps, hit this “Convert” button to start your conversion. After finishing your conversion, click “Open output folder” to check your converted videos. Then you can import them into your edit software with sharp quality and proper format.

Tips: Here are some guides especially about MTS on the MTS Subject Page you can take a reference

No matter you want to upload your raw videos or your personal made short videos on the net. Remember few things before take it into action. Compatible format, small size, balance between Bit rate and Frame rate, then you can jump into the sharing videos online flow as you want. 

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