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Play DJI Phantom 4K videos on Windows Media Player

Play DJI Phantom 4K videos on Windows Media Player

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For PC users who have just captured some 4K H.264 or H.265 video with your DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro or DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus, you may wish to get them played directly with the computer’s default media player application – Windows Media Player. However, you may be disappointed to find that Windows Media Player doesn’t recognize the Phantom 4K video just as the conditions in the following part:

“I am having my first flights with my P4 – and can’t play back the MP4 video files with Windows Media Player, which is very frustrating. I get this message “Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this, please? I am dying to see my videos. I am ending the video, before I power down the P4. Thanks!”

Why Windows Media Player fails to handle DJI Phantom 4K video?

This question should be answered from 2 aspects: can Windows media player play 4K video, if yes, can Windows Media Player handle DJI Phantom recorded 4K video?

Can Windows Media Player handle 4K video?

A member from dpreview wrote: 4K videos play smoothly on all current-generation Intel chips using Windows Media Player on Windows 8.1; this includes Atom processors and Celeron on up. How do I know? I tested this on just about every laptop, desktop and Windows tablet on display at BestBuy using 4K 100Mbps+ XAVC S videos on my usb stick. I regularly play and edit 4K video on my $249 Asus laptop with a Celeron processor with no problem (ignoring loooong rendering times). And, no, that is not my main computer :).

From above information, we can conclude that as long as you are playing the 4K video with Windows Media Player on Windows 8.1 with the current-generation Intel chips, Atom processors and Celeron on up, you will then have no problem to view compatible 4K resolution video with Windows Media Player. However, if your computer doesn’t meet the standards listed above, it would be much ideal to compress 4K to 1080p for smooth Windows Media Player watching.

Can Windows Media Player handle DJI Phantom recorded 4K video?

From Windows Media Player’s Wiki page, we get the information that Windows Media Player 12 adds native support for H.264 and MPEG-4 part 2 video formats. For people who have upgraded your PC operating system to Windows 10, you can even get HEVC/H.265 played on Windows Media Player 12. Therefore, for Windows 10 users, you will get no problem to play DJI Phatom 4K H.264 or H.265 video with Windows Media Player 12 on computer that meet the hardware standards to handle 4K resolution video.

However, for users who are still using the previous Windows OS such as Windows 8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, you will fail to open the Phantom H.264 or H.265 video on it. The good news is that you can download a third-party 4K Video Converter program called Pavtube Video Converter to convert the DJI Phantom 4K video to Windows Media Player other handle file formats such as MPEG-4 or MPEG-2, WMV video, DV video, etc for paying on Windows 8.1/8/7/XP/Vista.

Pavtube Video Converter is available on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and it is also accompanied by an up-to-date Mac version – Pavtube Video Converter for Mac for macOS Sierra. The program is pretty simple to use, any one can learn to use it in minutes. In addition, it is very stable, you can hardly encounter any crashes during the conversion process. What’s more, the program supports to produce high quality files, you can’t find any difference between the converted video and the original 4K video.

How to Convert DJI Phantom 4K Video for Windows Media Player Viewing?

Step 1: Load DJI Phantom 4K files into the program.

Start the program on your computer, click “File” menu and select “Add Video/Audio” or “Add from folder” to import DJI Phantom 4K H.264 or H.265 files into the program.

Load DJI Phantom 4K files

Step 2: Choose output file format.

Clicking the Format bar, from its drop-down list, if your computer are not powerful enough to process 4K video, it would be much ideal for you to compress DJI Phantom 4K to 1080p by outputting your Windows Media Player 12 handle file format such as “H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)” under “HD Video” main category.

Output H.264 HD video

If your computer is powerful enough to handle 4K resolution video, but you are running the Windows 8.1/8/7, then you will need to convert the DJI Phantom 4K video to Windows Media Player other handle file formats such as MPEG-4, MPEG-2 or WMV file format. Here, we choose to output a high quality wmv with VC-1 codec “WMV3(WMV9)(*.wmv)” under “Common Video” main category.

Output WMV 3 format

Step 3: Compress 4K to 1080p.

If you try to compress DJI Phantom 4K for playing on computer that’s not powerful enough to handle 4K resolution video, then you still need to change the output video aspect ratio from 4K to 1080p(1920*1080) in the program’s profile settings window.

Step 4: Start the conversion process.

After all setting is completed, hit the “Convert” button at the right bottom of the main interface to begin the conversion process.

When the conversion is finished, click “Open Output Folder” icon on the main interface to open the folder with generated files. Then feel free to play the converted files with Windows Media Player on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 without any limitation.


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