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Turn MKV FLAC 5.1 to AC3 5.1 for Playing on VLC

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Summary: The article below tells us the topic on make your MKV FLAC 5.1 audio files accepted by VLC or other players like HDX-1000. If you smoothly turn the audio channel form FLAC 5.1 to AC3 5.1, You will find your MKV FLAC 5.1 recordings can be played well on VLC player. If you wanna extract your stereo audio, you can also read more.


VLC cannot play MKV FLAC 5.1 video files?
We recently found a hot topic which has been discussed well on a VLC forum website, some users complained that they were unable to play a MKV that had the 5.1 audio in FLAC through a HDX-1000 or play it on VLC player. It seems that, both VLC and HDX-1000 cannot accept the FLAC 5.1 except the AC3/AAC 5.1. Frankly speaking, Change 5.1 audio channels could not be an easy operation, right? So how to convert our MKV FLAC 5.1 audio files to AC3 5.1 has become the emergency task, right?

Any good solutions on convert MKV FLAC 5.1 files to AC3 5.1 for playback on VLC?
Of course you could said there are amount of third-party audio converting tools that may help us a lot, but have you ever think that not all third-party plug-ins can handle the 5.1 audio channels well. In another way, we cannot ensure we can convert the FLAC 5.1 audio to AC3 without audio quality lost. Here we highly recommend you the PavtubeVideo Converter for Mac, (Windows version)which not only has the strong capacity of converting videos but also changing audio channels well. For a nice playback on VLC player, we can convert MKV to M4V as well as FLAC 5.1 to AC3 5.1 at the same time.

Guide on how to play MKV FLAC 5.1 files on VLC with FLAC 5.1 Video Converter:
Step 1.Add MKV FLVC 5.1 video files:
Download the FLAC 5.1 video converter and install it according to its instructions o your computer. Open the main interface, on the left corner, with ‘Add video’ or ‘Add from folder’ we can easily import our original files.


Step 2. Choose the right video and audio output for VLC:

In order to play your MKV FLAC 5.1 files smoothly on VLC player, we need to turn our MKV format to M4V, which could be the best video format for VLC player. Just come to the output list by clicking the ‘Format’ bar on the besides the preview window. We suggest you to choose the ‘Common Video’>>’M4V-MPEG-4 Video(*.m4v)’ as the best.


Additional tips: If you have no needs to convert your video format, only for audio changes? Just come to the ‘Common Audio’ to find the ‘AC3-Dolby Digital AC-3(*.ac3)’, it can also be available with VLC player.


Step 3. Adjust your audio files:

Don’t forget to come to the ‘Settings’ button to adjust your output audios? As you want, to turn your FLAC 5.1 to AC3/AAC 5.1 channels, in the settings button, we can set them freely in the ‘Audio channel’. That’s we mentioned above how to convert our videos and audios at the same time, is that cool?


Notes: For this newest Windows version after upgraded, it can support the H.265/HEVC videos well. Do you have any interests? 

Finally, go back to the main interface, if you have finished the preparation work, it’s time to hit the ‘Convert’ button to start our conversion work. So with this professional video converter, are you still worrying about the problems of playing MKV FLAC 5.1 videos on VLC player? For other guides related to VLC, let’s read more.

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