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Advantage in Using H.265 in iPhone 6 and How to Get Closed to H.265/HEVC

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iPhone6 once become a hot topic in2014 , not only because of its larger screen and more powerful functions. The new iPhone 6 and Plus can encoding H.265/HEVC codec to playback on it , which means this new codec is compatible on new iPhone. Users now with this new iPhone can have a more high-definition video quality to enjoy.


Smaller file size while higher quality:
And with this codec, smaller file size while higher quality can be realized. Compared to H.264, same video file can be reduced to almost 50% smaller than the original one. Thanks to this, even you have bunch of videos in your iPhone which the RAM is not very big like 16 GB. You can still store bunch of your videos on your phone without deciding which one should be deleted.

Fast connecting and streaming speed:
As seen on Apple’s iPhone tech specs webpage, both the iPhone 6 and Plus leverage next-generation H.265 technology. This means that for encoding and decoding FaceTime Video calls over cellular will be much faster and stable compared to H.264. H.265 promises to deliver video quality identical to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC at only half the bit rate. This translates into a massive overhead reduction much needed in constrained data systems like cellular networks.

How to get H.265/HEVC video or decode this H.265/HEVC video?
For so many advantages by using this H.265/HEVC codec, many of users are wondering how to get their own videos encoded by this codec. For some users who don’t have this latest iPhone, how to decode this H.265/HEVC raw video is still an unsolved problem. Detailed steps about how to work this Pavtube H.265/HEVC Video Converter below:

Step1: Download this H.265 Encoder on your PC and load your files by clicking “File”>”Add Video/Audio” into this app.


Step 2:On the output list, just choose ‘iPhone’>>’iPhone 6 H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)’ as your output format.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 上午10.07.04

Tips 1: Your H.265 video has already been decoded when you load your files into this app, and you can choose different output format from the format list for various uses. No matter you want to load them into NLEs such as Adobe/Sony Vegas or  Avid etc,  or put them on your portable devices.

Step 3: Then click this “Settings” to adjust your parameters to fit your devices better. If there is no proper settings in the drop-down menu, you can type them manually.


Step 4: After all have been settled, back to the main UI and click this “Convert ” button to start your conversion.

After the conversion, you will have a HD while compatible videos. Playback on portable devices , Smart TV or load into NLEs all are available if you want. And new features in this app like you can output your videos to “H.264 high profile (*.mp4)” to drop your quality degradation to the least is also can be done by this powerful Video Converter, like the conversion between H.265 and H.264?

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