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Top 5 Best Video Converter Ultimate Software Reviewed 

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Video converter software is helpful for computer users who watch videos regularly. With home theater is more and more popular, many varieties of video player softwares are released, and our video library is constantly increasing every day. But when we copied the video to playback on mobile devices, there will become unable to open the file, giving us a warning. Sometimes we also want to uploaded these videos to the Internet, especially the video produced by ourselves or the video clips that we favorite, but we are always prompted that “format is not supported”, had to give up uploading.

As we all know that, a small video clips, which need relatively large storage space, we would choose to compression recent infrequent using video, in order to save disk space. But sometimes a very long video of reservations, simply because of it has a small bright spot. At this time the video editing is very important, he can help us to intercept fragments of our needs, the biggest saving our storage space. All of this, can be attributed to a cause: different devices supported different formats, which make it difficult to share them across platforms.

So video converter is very necessary. It can help us to convert many video files to others formats like MKV, AVI, VOB, M2TS etc. A better program can turn our clips into pieces that will enjoy with our family and friends. To help you narrow down your choices, Here, we give you 5 super video converter reviews, and hope you can select what you think the best Video Converter with this review. 

Top 5 Best Video Converter Ultimate Software Reviewed

Ranked No.1: Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate($65)


As a rising star, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate has been subject to all the praise. Compared with other similar software, although its price is a little high, but it degree is not low, why is it? Firstly, it has all the features of other software, it not only allow various file types as source media, and support almost all popular media players / devices, there is no situation that video can be imported, but the video conversion is no way to use. Meanwhile, it is also a unique feature that this program includes all function of DVD Ripper($35), Blu-ray Ripper($39) and Video Converter($35), which is a software equivalent to three softwares and helps you save $44.

Tip: If you are willing to more $15, you can get Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate and Pavtube ByteCopy which biggest advantage is that can support multi-track formats output.

And it has a powerful editing tool. you can trim and crop DVD/Blu-ray/Video clips and split one large file into smaller pieces. And you can merge multiple video clips into one file. If you want to experience better video display quality on your devices, you can use this program to add text, image and video watermarks to your movie. And more, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is easy to learn and converts videos to and from almost any file type you can imagine. It supports almost all formats and can 1:1 back up Blu-ray/DVD movies from disc to PC/ hard drive for disc burning and ISO image creating. 

For more detail, read Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate. 

Here we provide some of the guide to use. 


User-friendly, easy to use, good output video quality, parameters can be set like video codec, video size, video bitrate and video frame rate, audio codec, audio sample rate, audio bitrate and audio channels 


Need to take time 

Ranked No.2: Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate($49.95) 

Aimersoft claim that Aimersoft video converter Ultimate can support more than 250 formats, indeed Aimersoft Video Converter may not have the most exhaustive list of supported file types, but it covers all the important bases, such as AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV, MPEG and MOV. It also offers the usual editing tools, but gives audiophiles greater control over the sound in their videos. With a simple interface and all the features you’ll need, this is a great option for beginners who don’t want all the bells and whistles. 


Aimersoft Video Converter is easy to learn and converts videos to and from almost any file type you can imagine. 


Customer support could be stronger in some areas, and there are a few missing formats. 

Ranked No.3: Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate($35.95) 

Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate allows you to batch convert files, and you can adjust audio and video codices, audio and video bitrates and sample rates, and more. Xilisoft Video Converter is also providing edit tool. You are able to split or merge files. You can add watermarks, subtitles and even soundtracks to your videos. It can also adjust video brightness, saturation, contrast and add artistic effects such as old film, gray, oil painting or canvas to make your video look special. A Tip for you: Xilisoft claims to support output to RM (RealMedia), but in actual operation, it is unable to get this feature to work properly. 


Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate can handle most, but not all, video file types and can convert your video to 3D footage. 


It has weak customer support. And its interface to be a little less intuitive than some others. 

Ranked No.4: Any Video Converter Ultimate($49.95) 

Any Video Converter is an apt name for this video converter application, because it tells you exactly what the software does – convert any video file. But it does more than that. This video converter software also allows you to download videos from popular online services and rip content from your DVDs. This added functionality greatly increases the usefulness of Any Video Converter. It accepts nearly all the file types we looked for when we reviewed the best video converters. And while it doesn’t export to all video file formats, this video converter software includes all the major formats associated with the most popular media players such as smartphones or tablets. Any Video Converter allows you to adjust start and stop times, video and audio codices, video and audio bitrates, brightness, sample rate and frame rate. Some notable missing features include transition tools and the ability to add watermarks. 


Any Video Converter Ultimate converts videos from almost any file type and makes recording YouTube videos easy. 


This software is missing the ability to convert audio files, and it cannot help you add a watermark to your videos. And while it doesn’t export to all video file formats supported by popular media players. 

Ranked No.5: Total Video Converter($49.95) 

Total Video Converter can convert almost any video file. You can rip DVDs and MiniDVDs directly from your computer’s disc drive, convert audio files and combine multiple videos into one large file. Total Video Converter converts just about everything, including WMV (Windows Media), AVI, MOV (QuickTime), RM (RealMedia), VOB (DVD) and downloaded FLV (Flash/YouTube) files. 


Total Video Converter converts videos from almost any file type and has an easy-to-understand interface. 


No offering better customer support, and it lacks a few of the editing tools that we prefer to see. Low quality and Crashes frequently 

May be you have heard the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, and think it is good, After reading this document, I think you’ll change your mind. 

For now, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is still the best choice for you.

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