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Samsung NX1 Exported to H.265 or H.264?

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The Samsung NX1 has come out of the blue with an impressive spec sheet. Especially for its H.265 output which made this camera much more outstanding. The path-breaking improvement make the files size down to almost 50x compared to the H.264. One 137 MB files can shrink to 17.4 MB while 37.7 to H.264.


But for those who have already got Sumsung NX1 may forward many questions:
1. Any bundle software to play or edit H.265/H.264 somoothly on PC?
2. How to play those H.265 recordings on TV or portable device?

It’s true that the H.265 code is very young and the relevant support software can’t chase its fast step. But can we find a solution which can deal with those H.265/HEVC videos easily while quality won’t have much degradation? For example, such as editing in Sony Movie Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, or other NELs.

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Here you can depend on this powerful Pavtube Video Converter to help you solve such problems. This brand new HD H.265 Converter can decode and encode your videos without any problem, and you if you want to play your videos on some media player while they can’t support this codec yet. H.264 high profile is a good one to be chosen as your output format. This format allow you be able to enjoy smooth playback of high-definition viewing experience on different devices.

How to convert your H.265/HEVC raw videos into compatible format?

Step 1: Download this Pavtube  HEVC raw video converter on your PC and have a easy install followed the instruction. No bundle apps, virus and no converting time limitation.

Step 2: Click the “File”>”Add Video/Audio” or “Load from folder” to import your videos. You can view the H.265 raw video directly in the preview window.


Step 3: Choose the proper format in the format list profile. There are bunch of presets on the list. Let’s take the H.264 as the output example. Tap in the ‘Common Video’ item, there are three H.264 codec standards, ‘H.264 Baseline/Main/High profile Video (*.mp4), usually we can choose the High Profile MP4 as the best on Windows.


Tips: If you want to do some personal adjust on your raw videos, just go to the “Settings” UI to adjust Bit rate , Frame rate or Audio Channels. You can see the whole output file size on the bottom of this UI.

Step 4: After all things you have done, back to the main UI and hit this “Convert” to go. 
After the conversion, you can click the “Open output folder ” to check your converted files. And enjoy them on your tablet flawlessly. So if you are a Samsung lover who wanna enjoy your H.265 movies happily. In this way, Samsung NX1 will not make you disappointed.

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