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Open XAVC in VLC Media Player—XAVC Workflow

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What is XAVC and how to open XAVC files on VLC media player? In the following guide, you may find some suitable answers to the XAVC workflow tips. From XAVC to the common AVI, that’s the key point to open XAVC in VLC media player. But how can we edit XAVC in some hot NLEs? Follow us to know more.


What and Where XAVC comes to our life?

Although being a new recording format introduced by Sony, XAVC has been widely adopted now. Long GOP is a high-efficiency codec to serve more widely the requirements of the professional market, which XAVC-S employs the MP4 wrapping to serve the consumer market. To list out the camcorder that recorded XAVC recordings well, no doubt the FDR-AX100 is the typical one. You can also record Full HD 1920 x 1080 video in XAVC S, AVCHD, or web-optimized MP4, as well as take high-quality 20MP still images. With such high definition, any interests in watching your XAVC videos on 4K TV or edit in NLEs, like FCP?
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How could we open XAVC on VLC Player nicely on Windows?

As a free media player both for Windows and Mac users, it is popular among our video lovers. Especially for VLC media player, it has not yet supported the XAVC files well. To make your XAVC files playable and readable by most portable devices and applications, you can use a decent video conversion application to convert XAVC footage to a wide range of popular videos like MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, M4V, DV, etc. Here for VLC media player, we would like to introduce you the professional XAVC to VLC converter called Pavtube Video Converter(best video converter review) to transcode XAVC to AVI or MP4 as the best supported formats for VLC. More details?

Steps on transcoding XAVC to AVI for playback on VLC media player:

Step 1. Install this trail version on your PC before purchasing to make sure everything goes right. After launching this app , click “File”>”Add Video/Audio ” to load your XAVC files, you can double click it to have a review on the preview window.


Step 2.As we mentioned above, here we would like to suggest you to come to the output list to choose the ‘HD Video’>>’AVI HD Video (*.avi)’ as the best one for VLC media player. By the way, MP4 is also an available choice for us.


Step 3.Click this “Settings” button, it will bring you to this UI , no matter the Bit rate or Frame rate, Size (pix) all here for you to make the adjustment. You can see the whole file size if you considering about uploading them online while the file size is required for smaller one.


Finally, as soon as we get back to the main interface, we can click the ‘Convert’ button to start the work. From XVAC to VLC media player, it is indeed such an easy to use operation job that we all can do well. Let’s have a try and enjoy XAVC movies on VLC media player.